Dastardly Skillz

Dastardly Skillz

BandHip HopR&B

Original,back to the essence of hip-hop...thought provoking lyrics over well arranged,energy-laced tracks.Music from yesterday,today and the future...


Dastardly Skillz is a very talented,rising star in the Midwest Region.On his first full length effort entitled "Sumthin' 2 Muv 2,"Skillz shows that not only can he bless the mic with his lyrical prowess,but he also arranged and mixed the whole joint!Frustrated from periodical stints as hypeman for various local artists,Skillz,with the help of his big brother/producer,The Big Deal,built their own studio.Since then,there's been no looking back for the dynamic duo,whose trying to usher in what they call "The CrushBound Sound"No mistakes about it,there is definately more to Columbus than Bow-Wow and the Buckeyes!


"Sumthin' 2 Muv 2" copyright 2007 full-length cd 1.Sound Sorta Like 2.Sumthin' 2 Muv 2 3.What U Mean? 4.4 Betta Or Worse 5.It's Summertime 6.Twerk Dat Cat 7.My 1st Luv 8.Getaway 9.Hey,Yo! 10.Gotta Do Me

Set List

4 songs:Sound Sorta Like,What U Mean,My 1st Luv and Hey,Yo! Approx.15-20 min.