Hot new UK band with unique 'helium-vocal' sound, and a brace of clever anthemic songs. Song-writer & vocalist WAKE of the DASTARDS has a Dylanesque quality coupled with the stance of an early Bowie. "Awesome" says Kerrang Radio.


DASTARDS formed in 2005. The sound is unique - a bit indie-pop, a bit spacey alternative rock and a bit electro-folk. DASTARDS don't fit genres.

Front man is WAKE - just turned 21 he has one of the most distinctive voices in UK music today. As the songwriter and vocalist he is the driving force of the DASTARDS.

The bands influences are many and varied - hence their sound is a unique blend of Dylan, Muse, Interpol, Dashboard Confessional, Bowie, Blink 182 & Green Day.

DASTARDS don't need hype, spin or angles to appeal. Just listen to them. Currently getting regular airplay on Kerrang Radio.

"Awesome" - Kerrang Radio


March 2007 - Single - 'What I Came For'
October 2007 - Single - 'Flashlights'
Sept 2008 - Single - 'Staying Out'

Set List

Approx one hour - all originals.