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"Music was created originally for expression and/or worship. The five faceted ministry was created for preaching. We need to close the gap in the christian hip hop industry from ministry to raw music." Das the Insider has closed the margin between content rich lyrics and radio friendly sound.


Born and raised in the Midwest, Das the Insider aka Bobby Crank now resides in the beautiful city of Tampa, Florida. He has taken music back to the essence, even faith based Hip Hop! Often the trend is to preach yet Das the Insider has been able to accomplish portraying a powerful message without just "preaching" to masses over music. He is changing the angle Christianity has taken in its approach to hip hop by creating music that is respected by masses, believers and non-believers alike. That is the purpose of the project. To reach those that are out of reach to traditional ministry. He is an inspiration to the youth and well grounded example to those that follow. Das the Insider's content is power packed, rich in value while the variety and radio friendly sound has turned unexpected ears to surprise. Check out Das the Insider now and don't miss out on the next movement in the christian hip hop world.


Olive Press (Take em there Pt. 1)

Written By: Bobby Crank aka Das the Insider

Try to fathom
up in the garden
He didn't pardon the flagon
drunk from the bitter cup
so he could rapture the captive
through broken stature
39 cat o nine slashes on our pastor
apostles woke up
high priest and roman soldiers
rolled up
that bold thug Peter
snatched that sword from his holster
he got bout it bout it
swinging his sword
like he was jousting
disconnecting the ear of Malchus
which became the voucher
of automated death
but Yoshua made the test
so He stepped back in time
and cleaned what
Peter made a mess
invaded the wreck
blew the spot more than
the capability of a tech
He simply displayed His best
He took the ear in His hand
blew the dust off
then put it back like
nothing ever happened
then was drug off

Never Seen a Man

Written By: Bobby Crank aka Das the Insider

I never seen a man
I never seen a man
I never seen a man
Like this before

Now who sits upon the circle of the earth, made Himself dirt
left behind His glory
sacrificed Himself for me
beat satan and took the keys of hell for me?
though I was awnry
who's merciful hand was upon me?
I should have been dead instead
He broke the bread of life
breaking the chains of the everlasting agony of death and strife
ignorant blaspheme
asking for the wrath of the king
flashing my bling
like I was worthy of ya'll to be worshipping me
instead of cursing me
the Father kept urging me
to consider all of His love and eternity
I pleaded guilty of burglary
living my life
that should have been His
bought with a price
yet guilty of sin

I never seen a man
I never seen a man
I never seen a man
Like this before

I never seen a man like this before
ripping rivers with the flip of a finger
His tongue's like a sword
spoke the world into existence
number one on man's hit list
but never lost His life
until He gave it as a witness
a human man but never took a mistress
because we're His future wifey
waiting for Him to swiftly lift us
His apprentice
to be change in an instant
into His image but until then
we all about His business


More than just a man
He's the shepherd and the lamb
Everlasting Father, Abba
the Great I Am
who measures the universe
with the span of His hand
better feeling than a hundred grand in my hand
Counselor, Mighty God and
Prince of Peace, beat the beast
with an ugly stick
probably a twig to say the least
warned us about the leaven of the Pharisees
to carefully examine the spirit
because false doctrine is deadly
go ahead and behead me
but Yoshua is still my lord
and if I gave the award
He'd get the Espy
and get a standing applause
longer than Pete Rose
for all of them hits
the Lord took more so why we snuff God?



Debut album: From the Inside Out, 2007