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The best kept secret in music


"Blood Sweat & Tearz Review"

I have never heard of Da Survivorz or Dig Dat records before I recieved this cd.The Survivorz consist of C.A., Steve Brat, Lil B & Mac Losaphe.Nashville rapper Pistol and Memphis rapper Project Pimp are some of the artist featured on this album. The first track on the album is "Busta Ya" featuring Pistol and PJN.This track is straight fire!A new rythm in the beat,originality counts.Everybody comes tight as hell on this track.

"Slangin" is track #3.This track aint nothing new,you'd probably skip it,it dont suck its just not..wow.Track #4 is another hot track called "Boomerang" featuring Project Pimp.Lil B and SteveBrat both have verse as well as Project Pimp whom comes in with a tight azz verse.He flows pretty damn fast. "Losaphe" is a solo track by Mac Losaphe,it's,I think,a profile of 'emself.He got a really liad back verses,a tight little chorus though.Track 6 is "Rollercoaster."It's a decent track,then again ain't nothing special about it.You'd listen to it,but it'll wear it after a while.

"Strike Em" is the next track,this song got a tight chorus and a nice bassline flowing through out the song.The instrumental to the song is a little lame.It's a pretty tight song.Track #8 is a tight song called "Luv Or Lust".The chorus over laps and its hard to understand the last few words.The rest of the track pretty tight though. "Blood,Sweat,& Tearz" is track numeral 9 featuing Pistol again.Everybody come with really tight verses,some rough and rugged.The chorus is chanted."Innocent Lookz" is the next track where a tight beat,nice bassline,is followed by some fast verses.It's one of the tightest songs on the album."What's Shakin" got a smooth,laid back R&B chorus.The beat is on pace,and tight lyrics fit right on it.Pretty tight track.

"Y?" is next featuring AYG.A lady sings the chorus which is a bit annoying,but the lyrics are tight and on track,that helps the song a lot."What Gonna Do" features G-Nutts, N.A.O, and Da Solution.The chorus is just "Whatcha Gonna Do" repeated and after ever lyric it is repteated.A song got a pretty tigh bassline with,with some light instruments and drums.

"No Luv" is my 2nd favorite track on the album featuring Project Pimp.It starts out kinda weak,but when the beat starts it gets tight as hell!It hit's hard in the trunk.Project Pimp come tight,what else is new,and everybody else comes strong as well.The last cut on tha album "Puttin It Down With Dig Dat" is a posse cut that is pretty tight and with a tight chorus.Drums hot every once in a while and jingles..jingle through-out the song. Overall this album was very suprising for me.Pick this album up to hear something new,if you got extra money,or if you want another tight cd in your collection.

- http://www.angelfire.com/hiphop2/thasource/reviews/DaSurvivorz-BloodSweatTearz.htm

"Da Survivorz Review"

Da Survivorz are a group from South Memphis, TN and their debut album "Blood Sweat & Tearz" is off the hinges from the start to the finish. There are 4 members in the group, Lil B, SteveBrat,C.A and Mac Losaphe. All of these cats are tight as hell. The cd has 16 bumping tracks on it, with a couple featuring Pistol and Project Pimp. On a scale of 1 to 10 I give this album an 11. This album is a must have. The album has many different moods. They will get you crunk with the songs Bust' ya, Ain't No Luv, Slangin and Puttin it Down Wit Dig Dat or they can give you something you can feel with songs such as Blood Sweat & Tearz, Life's a RollerCoaster, What's Shakin?, and Luv or Lust. Each artist also has their own solo song on the cd which shows these cats hold their own lyrically. To make a long story short this is one of the most bumping albums I've heard in a long time. If you want one you can order it from their website like I did or I think they have some more still in Pop Tunes and Boss Ugly Bob's in Memphis. - www.Memphisrap.com


Blood Sweat & Tearz (2000)
A Prelude to a Classic (January 2004)
Still Survivin' (April 2004)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Da Survivorz are a rap group whose members are SteveBrat, Lil B, and C.A. They are originally from South Memphis, Tennessee but now reside in Nashville. The group was formed in 1999 and shortly after released their first classic album "Blood Sweat & Tearz". The group's music is very diverse as you will hear by listening to their latest release "Still Survivin'", on which they remarkably manage to surpass the quality of their first release on. They have a knack for creating songs with hip hop music with lyrics that have a message in them. And that message is all about Survivin. This is what separates Da Survivorz from most if not all rap groups.