Oakland, California, USA

dataf1ow makes electronic music that not only drives listeners to move, but to watch. Seamlessly moving from creation and arrangement to destruction and chaos. Pay attention when his buttons light up the stage because you will never see or hear the same performance twice.


dataf1ow is the solo electronic music project of composer/performer/producer Evan Bogunia. Started in late 2009 to share his early experiments in audio/visual interactivity it soon became an outlet for his blossoming interest in creating dance inspired electronic music that was uniquely his own. Experience in many forms of music and performance from hard rock, to jazz fusion, to formal education in Music Theory have created a melting pot of ideas and influences that is hard to pin down. One thing is for certain, when he takes the stage, he's not up there 'pushing play'. Deeply committed to keeping the performative and improvisatory aspects of music alive, he performs with buttons and custom software control schemes to manipulate sounds in beautiful, confusing, enchanting and inspiring ways. Thoroughly disappointed in the trend of electronic music hiding behind laptops, and completely programmed and linear performances, he continually searches for new ways to connect himself to his music, and his music to his audience.


dataf1ow - The EP
The B.E.A.T. - Pass the Mic (dataf1ow Remix)
Power Player - Waterguns and Rabbits (dataf1ow Remix)