Datalit's music truly rocks with every track and song that will make you get up and dance. They maintain a heavy/melodic style with heartfelt lyrics and an incredible harmonious background choruses. Two thumbs up! This is one band that understands high energy interaction and a spirit felt performan


Datalit is a young overpowering threesome that began in the spring of 2003. Starting with close to nothing, the band began recording songs in their teacher's classroom on a small radio player. Their songs grew beyond their small school in the downtown of Milwaukee WI into youth groups and schools around the United States. With roots from bands such as Creed, P.O.D....and others, Datalit has grown into a band with a never ending intensity influenced by the pressures and passions of life. The foundation of the lyrics comes from a meshing of the Holy Bible and spiritual impressions which leads to a webbing of heavy chords and beautiful serene musical moments.


Datalit's first demo release in 2003 consisted of 6 songs.
One of the six songs "Astray" was aired on 1340 AM
Datalits EP in 2004 consisted of four songs.
July 14th 2006 The band released a full length album consisting of 13 songs

Set List

Rush the Gates 4-half min
Pray for Us 4 min
No Matter What 5 min