Data Suns

Data Suns


Young, fresh, fun and exciting that will get any crowd jumping. Data Suns have only just burst their way into the music arena with their electronic rock.



Whilst very original, they are somewhere between Queens of the Stone Age, Nirvana, Midnight Juggernauts and the Presets.

Sam Marks’ powerhouse drumming drives the eclectic beats.

Mitch Kirby’s intriguing synthesizer sounds and electronic vocal effects combined with his showmanship create heat amongst the audience.

Lachlan Bray adds depth and colour to the sound with his keyboard expertise, providing contrast with its fat bottom end and polyrhythm’s.

Don’t let Data Suns youth fool you. There is already a wealth of experience within the group. Sam and Lachlan were both in the “Kaotic Penguins” with Joe Robinson, playing professionally for 2 years and winning numerous competitions including “Port Macquarie Battle of the Bands 2006”

Sam is now playing in the Joe Robinson Trio soon to be touring Australia.

Data Suns won the “2008 Crescent Head Idol” getting standing ovations!!

You can view Data Suns at:

Sam Marks Phone: 0265625102 Mobile: 0438425102


1. Love Nipple Love
2. Dont Die Young

Set List

One 1 hour set. All Originals
1. Love Nipple Love
2. Don't Die Young
3. Move.....
4. Let Out
5. Transesticide
6. Nebular
7. Another 80's Love Song
8. Awesome
9. Magnet Payment
10. Sugar vs Salt
11. Mankind
12. Colours From Your T.V Screen