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The best kept secret in music


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"War Cry Da Mixtape" Jan.2008
"Why I Praise" 92.1 Houston Tx.



At the young age of 15 God chose to show Jesse a vision in his dream.There was an slight oder in the air as young Jesse walked through a cold,unfamiliar,and somewhat creepy abandoned warehouse.There was a little light shining through the high window shaped vents which from the looks of them hadn't be cleaned for years.Suddenly and violently Jesse was attacked by a mob of people men,women,and children.Pulling and clawing at the young man so intensely that he began to move in his bed as though it where actually happening.Bleeding from the wounds being inflected by the devilish mob the young man was unable to fight back.Like a man unable to swim being attacked by enourmous waves Jesse did the only thing in his power.He called out," Daddy!!".Instantly a bright light came over the angry crowd and they scathered like bugs from a flouresent light. A calming peace fell over that abandoned warhouse in Jesse's dark and frieghting dream.He began to rise into the air past the old dusty vents and right throught the celling itself. Now somewhere in the clouds he could make out figures and faces.These where familiar faces of family members and some of complete strangers ,but there was something special about this place.Suddenly a loud rumbling and thunderous voice said one word.CHOOSE!!!!!!!! As an unseen forced pushed Jesse back down through the clouds. He awoke from his sleep crying and speaking these words. "I have chosen you soldiers to do my bidding, you will not truly understand unless you start from the begining.Your mission will not become clear until your 20th year, bring back the lost souls that satan has stolen from me."
Maybe I was just a little boy with an huge imagination but I don't think so. I began rapping at the age of 10 and I made the big 3.0. this year. Two years ago I gave my life back to the lord and continued recording my debut worldly album. Never in my wildest dreams did I think God would let me accomplish what I'd been working on for so long and then give me the honor of letting it go and coming home. If someone told me I would be a force for God in the Hiphop world I would have laughed in their face. But, his words ring true."Your mission will not become clear until your 20th year". God has guided every step of my life to lead me right here.Now my father speaks through me to minister to others.We feel your pain and God has made me and my brothers & sisters in Christ a becon of light for lost souls to relate to and find their way home.