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This band has not uploaded any videos



"DatBoyJesse Teams Up With NoodayEnt"

NooDayEntertainment & (Ceo) Samuel Harris made it offical this weekend. DatBoyJesse is now officialy booked for the “Get On Tha Bus Tour” bringing awareness to HIV/AIDS, Violence, Drugs, Teen Pregnancy, Teen Drop-outs, and Illiteracy. The tour is scheduled to go into 30 cities, starting in Houston, Texas beginning early 2010.The tour also features national recording artist J xavier, R.A.G.E, Raishein,Rev Rob,Dafishermayne,Lady D, and local artist from each city. Stay locked in right here to find out the current details. Also tune into YgTv every Saturday morning at 10:30am on chl.55 Houston Comcast. For videos, inspirational guest, and the hot scoop on what's going down. - DatBoyJesse.net

"Why I Praise Video Shoot Aug.28th,2009"

The video shoot for the first single "Why I Praise" is going down in Houston on Aug.28,2009.Look for cameos from some of the industry's top notch cats.
Also if your in Houston and the surronding areas be sure to check out our local scene.Every Saturday morning at 10:30am catch J.Xavier hosting YgTv on ch.55. Chopping it up with the who's who of the Christian/Gospel world.Then later that night tune into radio station Praise 92.1 from 10-12pm. It's all about "Street Gospel" with Dj Revalation & Dj Wiz. Then at 1am tune in to Chl 55 to catch "ReelTalkTv' hosted by Southern Exposure/MuchLuvv Records own VonWon. This is one of the hottest up and coming christian rap video shows around. Catch vid's from LaCrae,116 Clique,Sheep N Wolves Clothing, Bushwick Bill, & of course our own DatBoyJesse. Well that's all we got for now catch ya'll in the church house, on the block, in ya school, and maybe at ya grandma's preaching and teach. God bless and stay prayed up. - ReelTalktv.org


Jesse's first single "Why I Praise" is currently being played on Houston's Praise 92.1, kmjw 1380 & 90.1's Hour of Power. The video is being recorded Aug. 28th.This album promises to be one of the hottest released this summer.With features from some of Houston's finest Christian rap stars making guest apperances like,VonWon,Richard Hollis,Gifted,Da FisherMayne and J Xavier to name a few. Jesse proves he can hold his own on hot tracks like "Addicted To Christ'. A anthem song proclaiming God is all we need,and songs created right from the good book like "The Word". Taken right from Genesis and shows that this up and coming young man really means scriptures over beats.



At the age of 19 J.R.Mitchell was nicknamed "Jesse James" by producer James"Jaimie"Bradshaw. Mostly for his energetic, tongue twisting, similar to a rapid machine gun flow. Not to mention his detailed lyrics about everyday life delivered over slowed down southern beats. A career on the fast track would soon be derailed by everyday life. Jesse decided to put his career on hold and start a family with his high school sweet heart. At the age of twenty he jumped head first into the unknown world of marriage.The first two years where great Jesse was reading his bible a little more then he use to. He started to really get a picture of who Christ was and what he had done for us. Little did he know his world was about to come crashing down all around him. Cleaning around the house one day he found some pictures that would switch the game up instantly . His lovely wife was being unfaithful and cheating on him. A huge fight broke out and Jesse packed his things and moved out. Heart broken and devastated he found a place and prepared to forget about the whole situation. After a while she pleaded her case saying it would never happen again.Still in love and with a heart of forgiveness he accepted what had happened and put it in the Lords hands. Three years past and all seemed well, now the father of a two year old son and a brand new baby boy everything was perfect. Until one day after working a twelve hour shift he came home to another disturbing situation. His wife was at it again. This time Jesse lost it and a physical fight broke out and he had to leave before the police arrived. That was the last straw for him," all that waisted time being a good, honest, hard working husband for nothing," Jesse thought. He called up his old industry pal Mike Moe of Beltway 8 Records saying "Man, it's time to get back in the game!" .He felt like he had tried to do it God's way and look what happened. Now full of anger, hate, lust for respect and a hunger for new women to fill the void left by his ex.
He hit the studio then hit the road, fighting to put the pain behind him Jesse put his bible down and resurrected his alter ego...... Jesse James. Constantly drinking , smoking, fighting and indulging in sexual immorality was now almost a daily event. Opening shows for LiL Flip, MikeJones, PaulWall, Chamillionaire, Kiotti, Bushwick Bill,TopRankBoyz, BigPokey, LiLTroy, H-Town Ridaz and many more. Covering tour dates in Texas, Oklahoma, Omaha Nebraska, Kansas City, Chicago and Little Rock, Arkansas. Jesse James was building a buzz on the underground scene with mixtapes like. "Hulk Mean 4 The Green","Crack On Wax",and "Heavy Metal" . While putting the finishing touches on his upcoming 2007 release "The Road To Glory" the holy spirit began to convict Jesse through his four & five year old sons. They would rap every word to his songs like "Take Ya Cloths Off" and"Thug Rider". After growing up on the southside of Houston.Tx, Jesse had seen enough of his friends killed or thrown in prison .He couldn't allow seeds of destruction to be planted on his children like that, or any one else's for that matter. God's plan was at work in his life and he had no idea the internal warfare had begun." How can I fix this mess that I help to create" he thought. Jesse returned to church in hopes of finding an answer he began attending Lakewood Church pastored by Joel Olsteen. After two months it was clear that he had to give his all to the Lord. On November.5, 2006 Jesse was born again and started his walk with Jesus Christ. Two years later the Lord arranged for Jesse to run into an old friend at a wedding. Jeremiah Palmer (Jp) now know as Minister Jp.
He started to tell Jesse about the wonderful plan God had for him. How he would be a gospel rapper and minister for the Lord. "WHAT ?" Jesse said laughing, then he remember what he'd heard in church the week before."God want's you to dream a new dream!", Pastor Olsteen preached. Jp continue to relay the message God had given him for Jesse.That night he went home and prayed and God led him to the internet to search for christian rappers and he was amazed at what he found. He saw a holy ghost revolution in the making that he would soon be a part of. Jesse wrestled with going back to his old music and lifestyle. After all he had spent a lot of time and money on building up his career, how could he just leave it behind. Finally the holy ghost convicted Jesse again and he found himself on his hands and knees crying out" I except your commission!!!" Now prayed up, anointed with the holy ghost, & married to a beautiful woman of God. DatBoyJesse is ready to tell everybody about somebody who can save anybody.