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RT: When did you except Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior?

Nov 5th 2006 at Lakewood Church.

RT: What led you to make that choice?

God had been making himself know to me for quite sometime, through various ministries.(tv,radio,magazines) Even while I was on tour in Chicago & Omaha Nebraska as a member of The Beltway 8 Boys. God would give me grace and spear my life in club fights,diner fights,street fights,you name it. He even showed me favor when the police patted me down, how could they not feel a nine and a bag of sticky in my jacket pocket..God speared me for a reason. I was ready to find out why and change my life.

RT: How did you get into music?

Funny story but true, when I was 11 years old in the sixth grade at Deady Middle School on the southside of Houston. I entered a school contest to win a pair of K-Swiss sneakers.I had a little Casio keyboard I had been given for christmas. I made a beat and started to rap to it.. "Stay In School" became my first song.I didn't win of course. It took a group of 5 singers to beat ya boy though. A seed was planted in me after that and I became "J Fresh".(lol) I got so good high school kids would come by after school to battle me. I never lost my title. Ha!Ha!Yea!!!!

RT: Were you saved before or after you started doing music?

About 15 years after..

RT: How did your new faith change or shape your music?

It didn't just change my music, it stopped it all together for about a year.I gave up rap and dedicated my life to going to church and serving the Lord. My music made me very prideful and arrogant. Those 2 traits made for a really fake Christian. In 2008 God sent a message to me at a friends wedding and told me the vision for my life he had shown me years ago was about to come to pass..

RT: What is your favorite genre of music?

Any that is spreading the gospel of Christ!

RT: How do your peers and family feel about your faith and music?

Well I get mixed reaction, some of my old friends don't know what to make of it. My family is really supportive.They all love the music they just don't know what to make of the entire lifestyle change.

RT: What are you currently working on?

Right now I'm working on my debut album " Internal Warfare" The Death Of Jesse James. This album is my life then and now. It's the transition from worldly to spiritual living. This will be a joint venture between 2 labels. My own "Young Moses Ministries & my big homie Von Won's Southern Xposure Entertainment.

RT: What is your favorite song of yours to perform/listen to and why?

Well it really depends, I love to do "Why I Praise" just because the presence of God can be felt every time I do it. Another one of my favorite though is "Addicted To Christ" this track get's the entire crowd involved and praises Jesus at the same time. It's krunk...My favorite song to listen to is "Spiritual" off of my up coming album.It features Pastor J from Higher D Church here in Houston and is full of food for the soul.

RT: What advice would you give to someone trying to get into Holy Hip Hop?

Pray & ask God to give you direction. If you're looking for fame, money, and self glory. This is the wrong place to be. When you except Jesus Christ as your Lord and savior you become a minister of his holy word. No matter what talent he's given you. If your a good accountant, be one for your pastor and his church to give God glory and move the ministry to a higher level. If your a good cook help the church with feeding the hungry.Basically ask God to show you HIS true purpose for life and he'll do the rest. If you've never sung, rapped ,danced, or entertained don't start now unless God tells you to. He called you for a reason.

RT: What advice would you give to someone trying to get into ministry period?

Same as the ? before..this is serious biz. We're here for one reason to spread the word of Jesus Christ. So pray, read your bible,and make sure you have some sort of covering in your life. Mine is my pastor, Pastor Terrence H Johnson of Higher D Church. In order for us to spread the word we have to receive it properly and in the right form. False prophets go to hell, it's in the bible. So make sure you 're putting out the word of God and not some self twisted version. Now that's real talk..

RT: Please describe a faith building incident in your life.

My 4 year old son was at school when he got his finger caught inside the henge's part of a large metal door, it was almost completely severed. Only a small amount of skin held it to his body. I rushed to the hospital to find my poor little baby boy in agony. The doctors had to give him shots right in the finger to numb it. The only way I made it through that was having faith that God would see him through. Today you can't even tell where his finger was almost cut off. Praise the Lord and thank you God my children are now cover by the blood of the lamb!

RT: Looking back at your life, what is one point of wisdom you can share with the rest of the world?

Make God the Lord of your life and have faith in any & every situation. Tests only come to make us stronger and prepare us for the tasks God has set aside for us to accomplish. Read your bible and apply God 's word to everything. Nothing is too big or small for God to handle but, everything is for you. Give it to God and he'll take care of it for you. Bad things will happen because the world was cursed when Adam & Eve disobeyed God in the beginning. Jesus died so that we could have a way out of the eternity that awaits the sinful, selfish, and wicked spirits on earth. God's word is your strentgh, look to the word daily.

RT: Anything else you would like to address?

None of us is perfect, we all sin and fall short daily, that is why we must repent daily. If your new to the faith just give God 1 year of your life and watch the difference he'll make in you.Don't wait until your perfect to come to Christ, when that day comes it will be to late. Some people say there's no heaven or hell. We'll that's one dice game I'll have to miss. Ask yourself what if? What if the gospel is really true! What if Jesus was really the Christ sent by God the Father? What if there is a place with no water, no air, no room to move around, no one to talk to, and no place to escape the torment of despair,scorching flames and heat. What if in this place you long to die but death never comes. What if? Now what if someone could save you from that place. What If !!?
- www.reeltalk.org


2 mixtapes
War Cry & Block By Block
Singles with radio play
"Why I Praise"
"Brush It Off"
Both in rotation on Radio 1's Houston station 92.1 Praise.
Up coming album release on my indie label. Young Moses Ministries.. Internal Warfare: The Death Of Jesse James. Releasing Mar.26th, 2010



Opening shows for LiL Flip, MikeJones, PaulWall, Chamillionaire, Kiotti, Bushwick Bill,TopRankBoyz, BigPokey, LiLTroy, H-Town Ridaz and many more. Covering tour dates in Texas, Oklahoma, Omaha Nebraska, Kansas City, Chicago and Little Rock, Arkansas. Jesse James was building a buzz on the underground scene with mixtapes like. "Hulk Mean 4 The Green","Crack On Wax",and "Heavy Metal" . While putting the finishing touches on his upcoming 2007 release "The Road To Glory" the holy spirit began to convict Jesse through his four & five year old sons. They would rap every word to his songs like "Take Ya Cloths Off" and"Thug Rider". After growing up on the southside of Houston.Tx, Jesse had seen enough of his friends killed or thrown in prison .He couldn't allow seeds of destruction to be planted on his children like that, or any one else's for that matter. God's plan was at work in his life and he had no idea the internal warfare had begun." How can I fix this mess that I help to create" he thought. Jesse returned to church in hopes of finding an answer he began attending Lakewood Church pastored by Joel Olsteen. After two months it was clear that he had to give his all to the Lord. On November.5, 2006 Jesse was born again and started his walk with Jesus Christ. Two years later the Lord arranged for Jesse to run into an old friend at a wedding. Jeremiah Palmer (Jp) now know as Minister Jp.
He started to tell Jesse about the wonderful plan God had for him. How he would be a gospel rapper and minister for the Lord. "WHAT ?" Jesse said laughing, then he remember what he'd heard in church the week before."God want's you to dream a new dream!", Pastor Olsteen preached. Jp continue to relay the message God had given him for Jesse.That night he went home and prayed and God led him to the internet to search for christian rappers and he was amazed at what he found. He saw a holy ghost revolution in the making that he would soon be a part of. Jesse wrestled with going back to his old music and lifestyle. After all he had spent a lot of time and money on building up his career, how could he just leave it behind. Finally the holy ghost convicted Jesse again and he found himself on his hands and knees crying out" I except your commission!!!" Now prayed up, anointed with the holy ghost, & married to a beautiful woman of God. DatBoyJesse is ready to tell everybody about somebody who can save anybody.