Dat Bwoy Fedi

Dat Bwoy Fedi

 Lawrenceville, Georgia, USA
BandHip Hop

My music is versatile, energetic and I feel it could embrace the rap game!!!!


The True Story…

Shawn Bethel aka Dat Bwoy Fedi born in Miami (305/Dade County) Florida and partially raised in the country woods of Southwest Georgia (229/Schley County) from the ages of 7 to 14 before returning to the Bottom of the Map comes the most slepted on rap artist out the south. Dat Bwoy Fedi has held his own title in the music industry and has yet to be heard, his heart-felt lyrics and ability to make a hit out of any beat he touches has proven he’s capable to rise in the rap game tremendously.
Dat Bwoy Fedi formerly known as “Raw Dogg” & “Crenshaw” in his early rap years started as part of a rap group “4 Cloz” whom released a few underground albums in the streets of Southwest Georgia but at the same held a solo career due to his travel back & forth up the Florida coast to (Miami & Tallahassee).

Fedi’s childhood was not an easy one, he and his younger brother Kuntree P (R2R/GTM) had to watch their mom everyday get brutally almost beatin to death by the man she married and experience harsh beatings themselves for no apparent reason before the escape move to Stone Mountain, Georgia during the Wayne Williams Atlanta Child Murders then to Southwest Georgia 2 years later, where the restart once again was not pleasant. From a mother who had to work almost 7 days a week regardless if either of the two were sick and at times still not enough money to put food on the table and clothes on their bodies due to bill collectors became a scar for life.

During his teenage years Dat Bwoy Fedi whom sold drugs “crack cocaine” & “marijuana” from Florida to Georgia gained a reputation in Schley County thru out the hood. He escaped numerous battles with the law from simple battery charges to aggravated assaults w/deadly weapons, etc. Even though Fedi has endured a rough childhood he rather not brags about his trials & tribulations, instead he tries to turn the negativity into a positive.

During the year of 1999 Fedi moved to Atlanta, Georgia and after presenting a “4 Cloz” group demo to Sounds of Atlanta CEO Gene Griffin in 2000 at a local Gwinnett County Mall & after about 2 weeks was impress with the sound of Fedi’s voice/talent was given a contract as a solo artist & group and began work on his 1st solo project entitled “1st Dollar On Da Plate”. Which eventually turned the groups beat producer against Fedi in a jealous rage and the friendship vanished. The album never was fully completed but made way to London, England as part in the company’s Artist roster. Fedi always kept his promise that if he made it, as a solo artist then the group had nothing to worry about cause they made it too. His journey after leaving the label ended him up with another solo deal with Smooth Mix Entertainment, LLC. CEO Ben Howe in 2003 and production began with a club-street banger entitled “Off The Chain” feat. Big Gee of Boyz N Da Hood in which 7-radio station mixshow dj’s played the record thru out the south.

Again Dat Bwoy Fedi career took a nosedive and another label was left, so he sat it out for 7 months and started his own label Bottom Dollah Ent., LLC. In late 2005 and the rest is history!

Dat Bwoy Fedi has returned to the rap scene with three things in mind, to maintain his title as King of The Ville (Schley County 229) as far as this music goes, getting back to the money & loyalty to his fans.

He adds that if it wasn’t for the haterz he couldn’t do what he do (lol) and dats makin hitz after hitz! And all his true fans & friends keep respecting his grind….


Projects include: “Rage N My Eyez” (2006)_”UnderRated Champ Mixtape” (2007-2008)_ “TrendSettah Ep Album” (2009)_”Still Set’N Trendz, U.S.A” (2009) and the highly anticipated mixtape album of 2010 “Officially Ranked” followed by “Preferred Dosage” & numerous of projects already in the making by the end of 2011.

STATUS: - In Promotion -

Live" & "Still On Me" ft. Nickia Hutchinson

NOW PLAYING: JANGO AIRPLAY RADIO = "All The Way Live" & "Still On Me" ft. Nickia Hutchinson

and many more to follow....

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Set List

It all depends on what the promoter is asking for. I can play as many sets as he/she needs (ex. 60min to 80min.) + with all the material I have available or as short as 1 full song. I have clean music as well as explicit.