Los Angeles, California, USA

I’m DATGIRL and I make music with drum machines, synthesizers, samplers, fx processors ... and my voice.
A Visionary Gearhead Goddess and Sin-O-Magik Storyteller, I am an electronic Live Hardware Producer, Multi-Character Vocalist, and Dancefloor Bass-Shredder.
My unique blend of Dubstep, Electro, GlitchHop, and
Bass-shredding Breaks with sexy hilarious hip-hop vocals andcutting-edge sampling is creating a new movement known asSLUTSTEP.


Where Ancient meets Android… Where Sweet meets Saucy…Where Chaos battles Order…
Here you will find the Sonic Manipulations and Lyrical Creations of DATGIRL
This Visionary Gearhead Goddess is equal parts Producer,
Performer & MC – known for wrecking dancefloors across the country with her Deep and Dirty Beats, Alien Robot Frequencies and CandyPunk Princess Vocals … in a unique LIVE PA Hardware set designed to inspire Spontaneous Debauchery and OmniPhonik Eargasms.

DATGIRL’s unique blend of Dubstep, Electro, GlitchHop, and Bass-shredding Breaks with sexy hilarious hip-hop vocals and cutting-edge sampling is creating a new movement known as SLUTSTEP.

Playing a unique improvisational set solely on drum machines and synthesizers, DATGIRL delivers a high-energy sickadelic live performance, with her sonic
laboratory of blinking toys, electronic eye-candy and tactile
soundwave tools that engage a crowd into wild interaction.
Using an arsenal of vocoder effects, DATGIRL’s intoxicating
vocals explore everything from Dancefloor Talkers to being the DJ's Girlfriend, the Corporate Gangbang to the plight of the American Apparel Model, bringing a dose of raw hilarity that keeps
the dancefloor high on surprise.

DATGIRL has been blessed to headline some incredible venues, including the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors (NYC),
the world famous Lizard Lounge (Dallas), Alchemeyez Visionary Art Congress, SDC at the SILO (Houston), SOURCE Festival (Maui), ASYLUM (Honolulu,
Hawaii), SUMland (Big I, Hawaii), StillDream Festival (NorCal), NovaTRON Lounge (WA) and Photosynthesis Festival (WA), to name a few favorites.

With her ever-evolving live show, DATGIRL is constantly performing and
writing new material for every one-of-a-kind set. She is currently working on a
new album “Slutstep” to be released this winter, and is producing two music videos. She is also fusing music with her theater/film background to create an electronic musical whompera about the modern-day mythos of 2012.


SLUTSTEP LP -- January 2012

In collaboration with DJ Butterface, Awww Yeah Records:

Soulution EP, available on iTunes
Weed Dealer, available on JUNO

In collaboration with DJ Koz, Agent Flux:
(Unreleased tracks)
Only Human, Chain Lynk Jane, Quirk,
Breakfast, Orphetron, Afterimage

Over one hundred live hardware shows across the U.S. since 2009.