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The true substance of music and a new style in hip hop/r&b. Smooth deliverance and smooth vibe. Less Profanity as well! Smooth rap with a twist of r&b.


Started doing music at the age of 4, Jeanetta is and has been ready to take over the music industry. It wasn't until she reached the age of 9 when she decided to give rapping a try. Growing up around her older brother, she was always listening to Bone Thugs, Scarface, and other artists including Devin The Dude. She Would hear her brother rapping to everything he played so she started rapping with him. By the time she was 9, she was beginning to write songs and would perform them in church and for anybody else who would listen.

Throughout middle school and high school, Netta was performing at any and every talent show she'd hear about or was told about. As years pass and the art of rap constantly changed, so did Netta's rap style. During her 11th grade year in high school, she then teamed up with best friend Will Jones (now known as T Rose) and they formed a rap duo by the name of DT. Throughout high school, the both of them performed at numerous school events including pep rallies, programs, and other extra curricular events. She then became the most popular female at the school and everyone was expecting to see her perform at any school event!

Since the beginning of 2008 Netta has been doing shows weekly. She has performed at a numerous amount of clubs in Houston, that including The Red Cat Jazz Cafe (performing with R&B singer Takiyah Spears), Club Bermuda (winning a talent show), The Platinum Club (winning a talent show), Azteka's (showcasing for major A&R's) and Arthur's (which lead her to airplay and a television spot on Houston's Own HOT TV). Her style is that of a very unique individual and one can't compare her to any other rapper alive. Her rap style is a mix of hip hop and r&b, which sets her aside anyone else.