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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Album Review"

'90s alternative rock' is a term that is inescapable when it comes to local Vancouver trio, Dating Myself. Wearing this flag on their sleeves, their sight is 20/20 with phasers set to stun aimed at our ears. With twelve tracks clocking in at an average of 4:15, 'Fine, There' is a solid debut album that attests to the band's great songwriting and musicianship. Although the production is generally quite basic, it's done with close attention to detail like making sure each track has a particularly dialed guitar tone that works best with the given context of each song. For example, the muffed, ballsy tone on the punk-esque song, 'May I Take Your Disorder?' punches with aggression, while the more light and melodic songs such as 'Captain Chunk' strums along with a crunchier, less pulverizing distortion. The drums sound full, and powerful. Drummer J6en, really sculpts the tracks in creative ways, taking what could have been normal sections into dynamic, winding, tension building directions. As demonstrated in 'Flirty McFlirterson', bassist Jessi*, glues the drums with the guitar by playful harmonies that compliments the guitar, and by rhythmically fitting the shoes of the drums like a snug pair of sneakers. The vocal work is exceptional. There isn't a moment where Laurda feels off, or awkward. Lyrically, she touches on inner struggles, and her disdain of certain people. 'Fine, There' is a clean, mean rock album that is bound to make a mark in the scene and beyond."
2 - Vandala Concepts E-zine

"Album Review"

"It's not the flattery, connections or the humour that I love about this band... it's the fact that they really do SOUND like the 90's, like exactly.

As somebody who grew up in this era it's be impossible NOT to feel a connection to/love for this band. " - MusicSheBlogged

"Live Review"

From the moment I saw the poster for the show, the band name, Dating Myself caught my attention as awesome. When they stepped up on stage, I was even more excited to notice that they are an all girl band. Between songs, they proceeded to make jokes that I did not get, but older people were laughing at. They also kept stating, "this is [their] first show since 1996" and referencing how they played Lollapalooza back in the day. While I found this very skeptical because of their appearance, they had me curious because the music was spot on 90's, and with great execution. Every song had intriguing, intricate rhythms and left turns that kept the audience on edge. In addition, they were all fantastic musicians; the bassist at one point played an eight string, although I could not hear the distinguish between that one and her four string, it looked bad ass. - Vandala Concepts


Fine, There



Almost-were 90s bitch rock band, Dating Myself, have resurfaced after a 16 year disappearance into the “WTF happened to them?” file. Original members Laurda (guitar/vocals), Jessi* (bass) and J6en (drums), burst onto the West Coast grunge scene in ’96…well, as much as you can burst while on second stage Lollapalooza fame.

The girls claim they have been sent here by record mogul/amateur inventor/Mayan prophecy follower Doc Vig to record their first full length album and gather research on 2012's futuristic trends before the end of days. Doc Vig offered the band a record deal in exchange for testing out his AWESOME Bill-and-Ted-inspired time machine. No way!? YES WAY!

Carbon testing (they smell like cigarettes! Who does that anymore??), UK-made 8-holes, and the fact that they asked for Zima’s upon reemerging from Vig’s re-jigged Ikea cabinet (the ultimate Ikea hack) are all the proof we need to know the story is for reals. Dating Myself went straight from the ether to the recording studio to lay down the fat tracks they’d been working on prior to their 16 year long high-five freeze-frame.

After much confusion with new technology and a moment of silence for the passing of cassettes, CDs, and record stores, Dating Myself is staying true to their 90s sound. Prepare to have your longjohns blown off your memory-grapes and your evenflow disrupted…grrrrrrrrrrrrrrllllllrrrrrioters Dating Myself are back. To us. Even though they sort of never realized they went anywhere.