Dat Phan

Dat Phan

 Los Angeles, California, USA

DAT PHAN will always be the FIRST winner of LAST COMIC STANDING! From humble background to rising comedy star his show is clean and accessible for all.


Dat Phan is the Original Winner of NBC’s “Last Comic Standing” and is a Headlining
Comedian touring live across the U.S. He has made numerous TV and movie appearances including “The Tonight Show” “West Wing” “Family Guy”, and the feature “Cellular”. He has two new films coming out this year! “Sake Bomb” by the respected director Junya Sakino and a comedic turn in “Tick Tock Too” a hilarious parody starring along with Jamie Kennedy.

Dat Phan was born in Saigon, Vietnam and during the fall of Saigon was evacuated to the United States with his family of 13. After 9/11 he realized that live can be short so he set off to pursue his dreams of stand up comedy. He answered the phone for The Improv in Hollywood during the day and
honed his skills on their stage at night. In 2003 he heard NBC was auditioning for a first of its kind comedy talent show and he decided to audition and the rest is comedy history!