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Dat Phella

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I (Dat Phella) am a Hip Hop Artist with a passion for producing creative and motivating music. My music contains a realistic viewpoint and is expressed from a Christian perspective. Hard hittin' beats, engaging concepts and intriguing lyricism are what keep fans excited about my music. Enjoy!!!


I am a hip hop artist out of Toledo, Ohio. I have been performing ever since I was 14 years old and rapping since age 11. My major musical influences have been Mr. Solo (from the Gospel Gangstas), The Ambassador (Crossmovement) , Da' Truth, Jay Z, Nas, and Kanye West. My music is innovative and energetic with a strong emphesis on Biblical principles and values. I seek to integrate the everyday issues of the urban culture with insightful lyricism which tends to create a positive yet realistic vibe that can be enjoyed by any listener.


GaPMusic Vol.1 (mixtape)

"Don't Impress Me" (Radio Single, 2012)

Momentum (Debut Album, 2012)