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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"DAT politics ''Are Oui Phony??'' debug"

They unify B52's and Daft punk in the same temple.'' Are oui phony??'' is definitely the record which will lead them to be College Rock Stars... If they're not already!!

- De Bug (DE)

"DAT politics ''Are Oui Phony??'' smallfish"

ARE OUI phony??

And here, we find DAT politics doing what DAT politics do best... I.E. funny, playful and mental sounding electronic pop music. There's not a dull moment here and they manage to pack every single track with amusing moments, silly bits and an overal likeability that they've had for many years now. Good Stuff !!

- Small Fish (UK)

"DAT politics Wow Twist pixel surgeon"

" Clocking in at a tragically short 36 minutes, Wow Twist contains more energy than most bands deliver in a lifetime, exploring weirder angles and more foreign geometries than most mathematicians experience in pursuit of a degree, and more impish wonder than most daycare centers have the Prozac to handle. With this record, its clear that the trio arent just creating a sound thats structurally complex, quirky, and unique, but that theyve sharpened their process to a science. Their sound has developed around performance, interaction with their audience, and a love of what sounds do to people rather than just a love of sound. The result is one of the best pop records Ive heard in a long timeif I play this record at a house party and no one dances, Im kicking everyone out immediately and asking them how much it cost to put their soul and sense of humor in self-storage, so I can see about putting my disappointment with humanity there. You should do the same"

- Pixel Surgeon (USA)

"Wow Twist Geiger"

Sounds more like a egdegy and sharp electronic indierock version of Pixies (...)a lot of fantastic pseudo-hits.
- Geiger (UK)

"Wow Twist the wire"

"French laptop trio DAT politics have double-clicked "the party" icon on their desktops and the results make for absurd, infectious fun(...) even a beardy old grouch like me can't help but be seduced.(...)"

- The Wire (UK)

"Wow Twist liberation"

"(...) un groupe français qui plus est qui dégage, sur scène comme sur disque, une énergie intacte et des idées fraîches. Encore scandaleusement peu connu, malgré six albums régulièrement emballants, le trio yéyé-techno-punk lillois Dat Politics (deux garçons, une fille et des machines) sort aujourd'hui son disque le plus ludique. Intégralement chanté, Wow Twist est un surexcitant cocktail rétro-futuriste où la candeur mélodique des groupes de bubble-gum musique des années 60 entre en collision avec la cacophonie électronique des sonneries de téléphones portables d'aujourd'hui( ...) cette épopée sonique, aussi brève qu'intense, réserve surtout d'innombrables trésors de pop dézingués.

- liberation (F)

"Wow Twist warp record"

It's been 6 manic albums in 6 hectic years for Lille based glitch-pop trio DAT Politics and 'Wow Twist' would appear to be one of their finest yet. There's not been a great deal of development in their sound - they competently manage to combine elements of punk, rNb and pop with some of the finest electronic programming around - however these tunes are expertly crafted for maximum effect i.e. being incredibly exciting and energetic as well as interesting to listen to.

Warprecords.com (UK) - Warp records

"Wow Twist rocksound"

Sound like Bis covering Kraftwerk on helium after listening to eight hours of bonkers J-Pop, Kinda, Beautifully! Absurdly! Brilliant!

- Rocksound (UK)

"Wow Twist allmusicguide"

they've never sounded cuter or more crazedDAT Politics' Wow Twist doesn't just pop, it explodes with songs so bright, so immediate, and so weird that they're virtually fluorescent an incredibly hip kids album.

- All Music Guide (USA)

"Are Oui Phony?? boomkat"

DAT politics have always been one of the most interesting electropop groups. For one thing they've tended towards more forward-thinking, dextrous production than the usual '80s revisionism the genre relies on.

- Boomkat (UK)


&DAT discog:
1999 : Villiger CD LP (A-musik)
1999 : Tracto Flirt LP & CD (Skipp/Tigerbeat6)
1999 : Eh Hop Single vinyl (Fat Cat)
2000 : Pâta Jet 7'' (Bottrop Boy)
2001 : Sous Hit CD & LP (Digital Narcis/ Tigerbeat6)
2002 : Plugs Plus CD (Chicks On Speed- Skipp prom)
2004 : Go pets Go CD & LP (Chicks On Speed- Skipp prom)
2006 : Wow Twist CD (Chicks On Speed- Skipp prom)
2006 : Roll 7'' (LJUD)
2006 : Daddy Long legs 7'' (Tomlab)
2007 : Are oui Phony ?? CD (Tigerbeat6- SkippProm)

Electronicat- Jagga Jazzist- Architecture In Helsinki-
The Blow- Jab Mica Och El.

And many compilations.

You can check out www.myspace.com/datpolitics to listen to some tracks.


Feeling a bit camera shy


DAT politics have a complete unique story.
They come from the experimental electronic scene but have been influenced by Bands like Pavement/Pixies or Sonic Youth. They competently manage to combine elements of punk, rNb and pop with some of the finest electronic programming around.These tunes are expertly crafted for maximum effect i.e. being incredibly exciting and energetic as well as interesting to listen to. The result onstage is a very energetic live act, different from the other electronic kind of DJ set of the moment. They really manipulate their electronic instruments. Usually people says that their live is an amazing compromise between rock and electronica.