New York City, New York, USA

Ex Apse and Pep Rally members join together to make music as
amorphous as possible, while blanketing it under a cohesive vision of 'good' music.


In late 2008, ex-Apse member, Ezer Longinus, and Pep Rally producer, Trevor Williams, started trading demos and sketches. After a few discussions about mediocre musicians from the ?70s, they decided to collaborate on some of their own musical ideas. For six months they worked tirelessly writing songs under the name Datus, creating musical experiments involving anything from household items to digital manipulations.

While talking about mediocre musicians from the ?80s, they developed a series of EPs, Masc, Fem, and Neut, influenced by likes of ?Security' era Peter Gabriel, ?Another Green World' era Brian Eno, ?A Crimson Grail' era Rhys Chattam, and distortion pedals. Once the EPs were completed, Ezer and Trevor recruited Rachele Trotter and Roulettes singer/songwriter Rebecca Roulette to join the project.

From its home base in Brooklyn, Datus is currently promoting the EPs in the states. They are finishing up another EP to be released in July and working their way through ?90s musicians they feel are mediocre.


1. The Return
2. Ipsum
3. Stavrogin
4. Cresting
UPC: 700261287720

1. Gibbons
2. Roof Walker
3. M-Life
4. Split Object
UPC: 700261287713

1. Distraction
2. Ice Haven
3. Larva
4. Precious Sun
UPC: 700261287706