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High energy rapper who knows how to rock the crowd with great music from Begining to end


“Worm” started to fall in love with music as a young child when he was given a toy turntable for Christmas. At the time, he was too young to realize how much he would love turntables in the future. He started to really love music when he got the LL Cool J record ‘I’m Bad”. Worm would listen to all of his mother’s records; Whodini, Michael Jackson, UTFO, The Fat Boys, and many more. He saw DJ Skribble on MTV and admired his ability to keep the crowd going crazy with some of the hottest remixes. He decided that he wanted to do that and make his own mixes. So, he got a job and bought two turntables and his father bought him a mixer. He started to make mixes at his house and sell them during his high school years. He had freestyle Fridays at his house where people would come and freestyle while he spun the records. Over the years, he started to get into other aspects of music such as making beats, recording and DJ. He started to DJ at local clubs and bars and also at weddings. He started his own label called No Doubt Records. No Doubt Records released two mix tapes and one album titled Guess Who's Back; which he recorded and mixed in his own home studio. He also made a large number of the beats. He has worked with a few different artists around Pittsburgh, Detroit, New York, and many other areas. Worm started to build a buzz for himself and the label. As a label, they have been on a few tours, performed in various shows and events throughout Pittsburgh and surrounding areas. No Doubt Records has become a well respected label. Worm was the hype man for Wiz Khalifa and he got a lot of attention for his stage performance. Worm has always been around many people in the music industry, networking and trying to get as many connections and information as he could. He has tried various ways to break into the business, from reading books to watching seminars on the internet. Worm started to rap and made many songs over the years but didn't meet the standards as though he thought. But many people thought differently. His friends and family always stood behind him in his music. He has performed his songs at clubs and the crowds go crazy. He never would have thought that the Christmas gift he received years ago would be the beginning of his love of music. It’s Worm’s Time!!!


NO Doubt records Compilation Vol 1 sept 02
Da Ryders mixtape jun 04
Guess Whos Back da album Nov 06

Set List

Drip candy
Paper Boy
What you think we really bout
Get ya a Beat
More depending on the times