Daughter of Mars

Daughter of Mars


Liz Rose's sound is born from the post punk movement, making her a rarity among female artists. In her songs there are echoes of PJ Harvey, The Cure and Joy Division. Weaving these elements into her own style of dark rock, she's widely known for her powerful vocals and provocative lyrics.


Contact: bettieblack@gmail.com

�I must've been 3 or 4 years old listening to everything coming out of my mom's car radio; lots of soul, rock, whatever, it got my attention.� Liz Rose recalls growing up in the California suburbs.

Arriving in San Francisco in the late 90's, Liz began jamming with a lot of musicians from the vast wealth of local bands. �They liked my ideas and began encouraging me to write my own songs. One night I stayed up all night and by the morning had my first song. I was so excited! This opened the floodgates and songs just started pouring out of me.�

After a particularly transformative experience at an Iggy Pop show, Liz realized her destiny. �Iggy had the wild self expression I always wanted for myself. I knew right then that music was the only thing for me.�

Her fascination of the theatrics of rock and roll led Liz to pursue a degree in drama and performance at San Francisco State University. After graduation, she fronted several acclaimed bands in the San Francisco club scene such as Glow and Runaway Bunny. This led to her first record. Since then, she has continued to write new and innovative material, drawing from her daily experiences. �I feel like I have a channel within me that constantly sends me riffs and scraps of melodies.�

Liz's music provides a backdrop to the universal heartache of healing the human condition. The darkness of her music is redeemed by the confidence and strength of her words. There is no mistaking her voice. It's a clear and present, unbridled understanding of the struggle of the human spirit. �I am happiest when I'm writing and playing. It's who I am. I will never stop.�



Written By: Liz Sheldon

It's not a secret, what you've got hidden up your sleeve
I've got to follow you, you'd better lead… you'd better lead
My World has fallen down

You have a fire heart, I am a tree
Mean green passion, is your casualty… your casualty

High up, Look out, Look down

Cause boredom's creeping in
Truth of boundless sin
All the pariahs sigh
I'm going to spill all your lies

Don't try to make me feel small, that's a disguise
My battleaxe heart……..you criticize…….…you criticize
My Fears have fallen down

Do you want to dance here with me, or shall I cause a scene
In all the scenarios, you've got an empty dream …… it's an empty dream

High up, Look out, Look down

Cause boredom's creeping in
Truth of boundless sin
All the pariahs sigh
I'm going to spill all your lies

Nighttime People in a Daytime World

Written By: Liz Sheldon

Night falls and the good time wanders in
Strike of twelve the room begins to spin
Climbing, striving, reaching cross the floor
Then it’s not day or nighttime anymore

Stan – ding on air between the worlds
Boys call up and down…. come the girls
Thru, magic dark streets you’re my one
Please…don’t…. make me face the sun

NightTime People……..in a DayTime World
NightTime People……..in a DayTime World

Wide – open eyes greet the Dawn
Must think sharp but I can only yawn
Music of the night is in my blood
Sun’s alive and work begins to flood

NightTime People……..in a DayTime World

Fear is the New Black

Written By: Bettie Black

I want to go out, I want to meet some boys
With my friend Cecelia, we could make some noise
but she won't leave home, says she's too afraid
of the evil doers.....OF THOSE EVIL DOERS!

She says "you know I'm afraid, about the way things are
afraid of losing my job, and my credit cards
I'm afraid of my shadow, I'm afraid of the news
I'm afraid of my mother, and I'm afraid of YOU TOO!"

einz zwie drei fier......Fear is the New Black
einz zwie drei fier......It's giving me a heart attack

Don't say it in church, and keep your eyes on the floor
maybe find the right drug, and you won't worry no more
I just want to be happy, and live without a care
you know you make me so happy, but I got nothing to wear

hey hey hey....Fear is the New Black
hey hey hey....it's giving me a heart attack


April 2009 - Introducing....Daughter of Mars

"Daughter of Mars" is the name of Liz Rose's new musical project. It will be a progression from the days of Bettie Black, moving in a more upbeat, Stooges influenced direction.

Four new songs are being mixed for release in Summer 2009

June 2008 - Eight songs recorded at Hyde Street Studios, SF

February 2007 - European tour: London, Camden, Amsterdam, Berlin, Dresden, Prague, Milan and Rome.

November 20, 2006 - "Bettie Black" EP release
Singles - "Nighttime People in a Daytime World" & "Spill"

Successful national radio campaign in Fall 2006 with Planetary Group. Bettie Black EP charting on eight stations -- WCFM, WCYT, WRSU, WSDP, WKPX, WMHC, WVYC & KPUR. Receiving light to heavy rotation on 114 stations nationwide.

"Mega" released in 2003
Singles - "Dead Air" and "69"

Bettie Black EP available through:
and at most digital retailers!

Set List

Current Set:

Little Gods
Mighty Man
Fear is the New Black
Five Arms to Hold You
Too Low for Zero
Cold Fire
Dead Air
Little Doll

All Songs:
Alien Sex Flowers
Deliver Me
Life At Sea
Pretty Girls
Purple Berry Cherry
Red Light Runner
Say It
Bright As We Can Shine
Cold Fire
Desire Looks Like You
I�m Nobody�s Dog
If I Knew
Model Girl
Monkey Love
Rogue Nations
Scouting For Boys
Blood & Guts & Sex & Power
Devil�s Blues
Dream Awake
False Fronts
My Love Society
Orange of Blue
Peter Pan
Road to NYC
Schoolyard Bitch
See through Me
Sex is TV
Stella Maris
Your Love