Daughter of the Sun

Daughter of the Sun

 Los Angeles, California, USA

Blending the sunny with the sorrowful, this self-produced/self-released little girl with a big mouth enthralls listeners with her quirky mix of happy broken hearted love songs that make you want to sing along and say "yes" to love!


At first listen to the daughter of the sun's music, one might be tempted to make comparisons to Tracy Chapman or even Bjork. But upon further listen, it's clear that this daughter of the sun shines a musical light uniquely her own.
Setra worked with Tony Wilson who toured with The Rolling Stones on their Bigger Bang World Tour, to put together her own home recording studio, where she recorded her first collection of songs. Then she took the show on the road, traveling first from New York to California and then to London, Paris and India.
Now Setra has made Los Angeles her temporary home, where she's busy both in the studio recording her followup CD (Happy Broken Hearted Love Songs) as well as producing an indie short film which she co-wrote.
One listen to this beautiful daughter of the sun, and it's clear why she's been sought after by Sony for both her songwriting as well as her artistry.
"Getting a deal is not important to me," she says. "Staying true to the song is what it's all about!"


Just Like You

Written By: Setra Sundahta

Allow me to introduce myself
I am the one who looks like everybody else
I lead an ordinary life
I could be anybody's sister or wife
My thoughts are simple, my needs are few
But lately I find there's something missing
I'm working to change my point of view
But more and more I find myself wishing
How can I be just like you?
My face is one you'll soon forget
I'm not like those beauties on the tv set
I really don't have too much to say
There's no one around to listen anyway
My social calendar looks very dim
So I've finally come to this conclusion
I've been watching the circles that you travel in and
Changing myself is the only solution
How can I be just like you?
I fear that I'm the best that I can ever be
Trapped by my demons and my insecurities
But I like everything you seem to be about
And I'll change myself soon as I can figure out
How to be...
How can I be just like you?


Songs About It

Set List

Typical set runs 30 to 45 minutes.
Typical Set List:
Cool Rain
Everybody Gets to Heaven
No Reruns
Who Do You Love
I Am Beautiful
Just Like You
In My Room
Fall In Love Again
Time After Time, Cyndi Lauper
Dreams, Fleetwood Mac