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Daughters of Fission @ Revolver Records

Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix, AZ

Daughters of Fission @ Tempe Tavern

Tempe, AZ

Tempe, AZ

Daughters of Fission @ The Brickhouse

Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Phoenix, Arizona, USA

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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


Daughters of Fission
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Daughters of Fission is the only band not to respond to New Times’ request for an interview, so our guess is that DOF is still PO’d over our review of their last CD, Abandonatomy, where we spent more time mulling over our disappointment that they weren’t some hot chick band blinding us with science than going gaga over each ferocious guitar solo, every heavy bass-drum reverberation, each thrilling bass trill, every hovering-UFO keyboard note, every lyric about stopping The Man from doing whatever it is he does to a bunch of prog-rockers from Tempe. But since they are prog-core from Tempe, it would be foolhardy to expect them to be laff-riots, since comedy is timing, and there’s nothing funny about a 7/8 time signature coming straight at you. These three Jacks and a Jill mean business. Serious business. So in the interest of garnering new fans for the Daughters, we recant that original review, except for the part about the song "All Purpose Meanies" kicking ass. It still kicks ass. But so does The Man! — S.D.
- New Times

If you've been looking for a band whose music will get your adrenaline pumping in no time flat, this is it, right here, 'Abandonatomy' by Daughters Of Fission.
Daughters of Fission are powered by Jason Prichard (vocals/drums), John Banks (guitar), Christopher Coons (bass), and Stephanie Dilk (keyboards). To anyone who holds that "rock achieved perfection in the 70's", you'd do good to check these guys out. The psychedelic feel of the album, combined with the masterful guitar work of John Banks and the strong vocals by Jason Prichard are a perfect fit, coming together to complete something that fans of Jane's Addiction and Red Hot Chili Peppers will be able to enjoy.
Similarly, any fan of modern alternative music should check out this album, because it will undoubtedly get its hooks in you. This album has the type of music that forces you to tap your foot or bob your head. Not only is the music "catchy", but the talent and creativity within are also very admirable. As is evident on tracks like the opening mover, "Yes We're Perplexed" then you have "Behind The Primates" and "Smellyourarmy", that make sure they have your undivided attention. 'Abandonatomy' finishes with "Ape" which is one of the best songs on the entire album. The musical range along with the experimentation on this album brings Daughters of Fission to a level where too few musicians are willing to tread. Subsequent listens have only revealed more and more of its rewarding nuances and intricate delights. 'Abandonatomy' is at times tender, visceral, rousing and quirky, but always intense, dramatic and cinematic, like the best rock music should be.
'Abandonatomy' will do for Rock and Roll what Thoreau's Walden did for literature: reinvent the wheel by simply giving it corners. This is one band that is definitely worth checking out! - Tony Sison, All Access Magazine

Highly Recommended
- All Acess Magazine

Maybe I'm shallow, but I'm still waiting for a band called Daughters of Fission that's four women with Coke-bottle eyeglasses and hair up in hideous buns who magically transform into ravishing Amazons midway through their set. This unit is three gals short and way too serious to take this high-minded concept and run with it as dudes. Abandonatomy, the group's second CD, is progcore delivered with snarky titles like "Yes We're Perplexed," and "All Purpose Meanies" (the best track here, a menacing anthem with lightning-fast bass drum and organ fills that hover like a cruising UFO). Still, you wonder how a band that says it has "an agenda which includes world domination" isn't shooting itself in the foot singing song after song warning us about a despotic government, which D.O.F. will have to supplant -- and, in essence, become -- in order to maintain stability in the free world. Look, no one said tyranny was going to be easy. This month, catch the band at the Chandler Zia Record Exchange on the 12th, Joe's Grotto on the 18th, and Hollywood Alley in Mesa on the 25th. - Phx New Times


Abandonatomy is complete
Previews can be heard @ www.myspace.com/daughtersoffission
Or it can be purchased @ cdbaby.com
Select tracks are also streaming on Garageband.com


Feeling a bit camera shy


The music of Daughters of Fission resonates an emotionally driven sound that can alternately breeze in, rupture and roll, and fulminate into eclectic thunderbolts. Collectively, the band members express their beliefs and feelings through the music they create. Their emotional range travels from soothing and gentle to aggressively propulsive.

Some of the songs express and explore personal encounters with universal conditions such as love, death, and the nature of reality and existence. Each selection on the debut album, Abandonatomy, offers a varied experience for the listener.

For Booking/info
CONTACT: Jason Coochwytewa (602) 481-6952
P.O. Box 13426 Phoenix, AZ 85002
p: 602.481.6952 / f: 1.866.277.4210 / e: jjc@rednoteinc.com