Daunta Tyler

Daunta Tyler

 Raleigh, North Carolina, USA

This singer/songwriter/producer is destined to do great things for the Lord and for gospel music as a whole!


This singer/songwriter/producer has been on the move for almost a decade. Dauntà started out singing and writing R&B music at the tender age of 13. He traveled from state to state hoping to share his God given gift’s to the world but by the age of 18 he became discouraged about his career in the music industry because nothing seemed to be working out and a year later he was struck with an illness that almost took his life. One night lying in bed Dauntà heard the voice of the Lord declaring that he would be healed and immediately he felt the healing power of God flow through his body. He made a full recovery and gave his live to Christ, he soon realized that he was healed to share his testimony with the world so he left R&B and began to write and record gospel exclusively.

Dauntà has written and recorded two albums that he distributed himself and is currently working on the 3rd one, his music is fresh and contemporary that is popular among the church youth, he feels that this is the audience that God has sent him to. Not only did he write and record his first two albums but he also produced them. This triple threat (singer/songwriter/producer) is destined to do great things for the Lord and for gospel music as a whole.


Album "All Things" - 2007 - Written and Produced by Daunta Tyler

Album "God Is Love" - 2008 - Written and Produced by Daunta Tyler

Radio Airplay:
The Promise 107.3
Radio One 103.9 (Coco brother)
WKNC 88.1 FM