Dausake Stringband

Dausake Stringband


Dausake Stringband hail from the island of Nguna in Vanuatu. Blending their traditional "kastoms" beat out on a tea-chest bass with complicated harmonies and modern melodies driven by a hand-crafted ukelele Dausake have been one of the most successful and popular stringbands of the past decade.


Dausake Stringband hail from the island of Nguna off the north coast of the island of Efate in Vanuatu. "Dausake" is a word from the Nguna language meaning "to rise above" and this meaning is very apt for the band. They have been performing together for over ten years and have recently released their 10th album. They cleverly blend elements of their traditional "kastom" in with their Christian beliefs, while writing sharp and witty lyrics relevant for their contemporary audience. One of the most popular and successful stringbands in Vanuatu they are not to be missed.


Ten Albums so far