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Paris, Île-de-France, France | SELF

Paris, Île-de-France, France | SELF
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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"D'Austerlitz-Gold EP"

There was one reason all of those men were rushing to the west. A mixture of explorers, criminals, and other frauds all bent on creating a new fortune based on nothing more then rumor and luck packed up their families or abandoned them all together chasing that dream. They came from every settlement heading for that west coast sun unaware of the danger that would be waiting for them. Wild animal attacks, dynamite explosions, and perilous natural disasters would take most of them. The others would be faced with the threat of themselves and those they trusted after a find was made. Many were dead and many more would be soon just to chase those dreams of gold.

Shortly after the Total Warr post I received this email from fellow French four piece D’Austerlitz about their debut EP titled Gold. I found this little four tracker to be an interesting mix of standard rock elements and electronics. It has a darker overtone than most of the releases I have heard as of late as well breaching into an almost Goth like sound on some of the tracks and I think the album opener Fauvre Romance could fit into a film soundtrack with ease. The EP is currently available for free through their Bandcamp and it is definitely worth having a listen. The track featured here is the second track from the EP Mr. Grey which has a great energetic throwback Alternative/Indie sound and should tempt you to have a listen to the rest of the EP. - Good Pop,Bad Pop

"D'Austerlitz Gold EP"

Pop ? alternatif ? difficile de décrire avec exactitude la musique des D’Austerlitz. S’inspirant de nombreux courants musicaux, le groupe parisien est issu de cette nouvelle génération dorée d’artistes qui impose son propre style avec talent. Très british dans l’âme, c’est dans la langue de Shakespeare que l’on se laisse bercer par des paroles à la fois dynamiques et reposantes. Leur EP, Gold, mélange sans difficultés des morceaux sortant de l’ordinaire comme Fauve Romance, ou encore détonants mais pas trop avec Atlanta. A découvrir au plus vite si ce n’est pas déjà le cas! - WATM MAGAZINE

"Band Of The Week: D'Austerlitz"

Band of the week: D’Austerlitz/Gold EP

Quand j’aurai atteint l’âge du raisonnable et que l’ensemble de ma famille cessera de me considérer comme l’éternelle étudiante et que le très vieux souvenir de ma carte 12-25 sera une poussière dans l’infini, je me demande si je devrai cesser de voir ma vie comme une joyeuse improvisation. J’imagine qu’il me faudra anticiper et réfléchir « en adulte ». Un jour. Pour le moment, je porte toujours des tee-shirts bariolés, des baskets Mickey, je sors jusqu’à pas d’heures, je vide des fonds de verres qui ne m’appartiennent pas en soirée, je pars sur un coup de tête et je ne sais pas de quoi la semaine suivante sera faite, je suis ainsi donc débarrassée de toutes obligations légales. Ce bricolage perpétuel est rassurant, il y a l’idée que rien n’est figé, que dehors, tout reste à faire et que la voie est libre, ainsi soit la musique d’Austerlitz. Ce groupe de Paris a tellement bien compris cette idéologie de la jeunesse actuelle, qu’on les porterait presque saints; ils nous offrent leur premier Gold EP. Grâce à D’Austerlitz, maintenant, les gens comprendront sans doute ce que c’est qu’être adulte à ma manière : joli, léger, construit et improvisé à leur image.
- Puck Magazine




The melodic beat-makers chat about Sunday afternoons in smelly dressing gowns and the trouble with didgeridoo players
The Parisian four-piece confess that they relish in making it difficult to be pigeon-holed into a genre and reveal their secret to a great band practice on a Sunday afternoon is in the form of a foul smelling dressing gown. From didgeridoo players with visa problems to French bakers forming the band, D'Austerlitz admit that their music is deeply inspired by literature and art movements. Their 'Gold' EP last year has already generated a following in their homeland but they’re looking to a wider audience to test their musical capabilities. And when you live in a town where the best place about it is the train station, you know these guys are itching to travel the world dragging their haunting guitar sounds and melodic beats with them. They instruct you to ‘leave yourself and never come back’.


...so special about you, then?
We had a didgeridoo player in the band.Unfortunatly he had troubles with his visa so he had to leave the country.We believe he went back to his father's cottage somewhere in the australian outback.Also Val's a baker.he does baguettes.he brings a french touch to this band.

...your worst vice?
We're very healthy boys.

…the story behind your name?
It's taken from Tolstoï's "War and Peace".We wanted to sum up the feelings of Andreï on the battlefield of Austerlitz.

... your favourite sound?

...your worst fashion secret?
Vicky's dressing gown.this is what he wears when we rehearse on sunday morning at his place.It smells horrible but he drums better with it so we never complain.

...your favourite website?

... good for breakfast?
Chocapic,Caotina and Milk

...at the top of your shit list?

...are you listening to now?
Cl Smooth

...the best thing about where you're from?
Pierre-Olivier: The railway station.It's the only way out

Dazed Digital: How would you describe your work?
Pierre-Olivier: We try as hard as we can not to be clearly defined or classified into a very specific genre or movement.We want to surprise people by not giving any clue on our future musical directions.

Photo by Jérémy Dewez - DAZED DIGITAL


2011:GOLD EP




D'Austerlitz are Quentin Nicolle-Chalot,Victor Fièvre,Pierre-Olivier Chenu and Valentin Beaucourt.

Quentin and Pierre-Olivier met during a school trip to Toronto,Ontario back in 2004.They were 13.

Sharing the same love for 80's New-wave/post-punk bands and blues guitarists,they decided,five years later,to start playing together as what would become D'Austerlitz.

Joined by longtime friend Valentin (also introduced to the pair in Canada) and drummer Victor,met during their high-school years,they decided to play their first gig in Paris in september 2009 .

After spending the whole year of 2010 writing new songs and performing live,they started the making of their debut EP,"Gold",in december 2010,alongside french producer Aslak Lefèvre (Total Warr,Bonjour Afrique...).

They released their "Gold" EP in January 2011.