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Leeds, England, United Kingdom | Established. Jan 01, 2015 | INDIE | AFM

Leeds, England, United Kingdom | INDIE | AFM
Established on Jan, 2015
Band Blues Americana


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"A very fine guitarist, probably one of the best we’ve got. FIVE STARS"

Formally of The Dunwells, Leeds-based Dave Hanson has now decided to take a step in a slightly different direction with his latest solo project. FIVE STARS

Fusing together an eclectic range of influences, including reggae rhythms and mellow, bluesy tones, Hanson’s debut record, Almost Horizontal, is sponsored by Cafe Nero – meaning they’ll be playing it at 3pm every day this month.

However, if you’re not a coffee drinker, you can listen to the EP for the first time here:
Former guitarist with alt’ folksters The Dunwells drops his accomplished debt solo album of classy blues vibes

A hand-written note dropped out of the packet containing this CD. The artist himself had written: “Dear Simon, Hope you enjoy the record. I think it sounds best when the sun is shining and it’s turned up LOUD! Best wishes Dave Hanson.”
I concur. Dave found success as lead guitarist with Leeds alt’folk band, The Dunwells, and has spent the last few years touring the USA with them, where they are a fairly big noise now.
But he quit to come home and set up his own band. This 11-track crowd funded debut album is a best kept secret and very, very nice it is too. Gentle blues/roots in the style of JJ Cale/Tony Joe White and Mr E.Clapton’s earlier stuff. It’s a slow burner; I have grown to like it more with each listen.
Joanne opens with a hooky commercial tune. Blind Faith, a ditty about Dave’s previous life on the road. Midday Sun is a catchy cut. Devil sits on a reverb soaked Peter Green guitar and vocal vibe. It gets funky on Island Sky, before the really superb Do You Get The Fear.
Let It Go kicks butt on an early Stones tip, with a great hook. Por Favor Señor carries an explicit lyrics warning, and then back to Peter Green territory on Crystal Ball, heavily borrowing from Black Magic Woman. Small Town Sinner delivers a drivin’ tango beat in contrast to the stripped down, acoustic guitar-driven closer, Make Hay.
Dave has a very laid back, Gerry Rafferty timber to his vocal. A very fine guitarist, probably one of the best we’ve got. He can craft a solid song as a writer, skilled producer and multi-instrumentalist. A top drawer ensemble of players and (great) backing singers on the team too, including his former colleagues Joseph and David Dunwell.
Mr Hanson sure knows how to nail a groove. A cool dude on a very classy record which deserves widespread exposure. But then again, can’t you die from exposure? Simon Redley

Maverick Magazine
August 2016

Dave Hanson
Social Six String Records
***** - Maverick Magazine - the UKs leading Americana & Country music magazine

"This could well be the first big must hear LP for the summer."

Dave Hanson is a London-based musician and former guitarist of The Dunwells who toured all over the world with that band, supporting artists such as Mumford and Sons and Sheryl Crow. Now Dave has just released his solo album ‘Almost Horizontal’, influenced by his times performing across the world. Currently mid-way through an acoustic tour of coffee shops to promote the album in conjunction with Caffè Nero, I joined Dave in the Bradford branch to speak to him about his album, tour and the state of music in 2016 as we tucked into a fresh coffee and the most elaborate hot chocolate I could possibly have ordered.
As he prepared for the sixth day of the tour in Leeds, Dave was positive about his experiences so far. “We’ve been all over the place. We were in Heathrow Airport for three days which was an interesting experience – being in an airport and going nowhere!

“And we’ve been to Scotland and to Newcastle and then we’ve got a few dates in the North of England and then we head south at the weekend.”

The tour came about through Caffè Nero’s support of live music, Dave Hanson being the current Artist of the Month which sees specially selected musicians performing live in their shops and also having their music played over the PA every day at 3:30pm over the month nationwide. “Caffè Nero are very supportive of live music,” Dave told us. “My relationship with them goes back to the time when I was with Dunwells. We did a Caffè Nero tour quite a long time ago and we really cut our teeth on the road, just getting in front of people who maybe hadn’t heard of us.

“When it came to release this new record it made sense to try and extend that relationship and they’ve been very supportive online.”

Dave Hanson was complimentary of the audiences seeing his show, a mixture of people already in the coffee shop and those specifically coming to see him perform. “[The sessions] are going down well. You’ve got to be careful as you’re encroaching on people’s coffee times so you don’t want to be coming on and playing a full rock show, so we’ve been keeping it a little bit more laid back. I’ve had my drummer come with me and play a little cajón on some of the dates, and my backing vocalist Becca will be out on a couple of the dates as well, mixing it up a little.”

Dave has also been embracing the latest social media on the tour, broadcasting some of the sets like his Tuesday one in Newcastle via Facebook video, bringing his performances to a bigger audience. “We’ve been getting a lot of people tuning in as they’re teatime shows [when] people are coming in from work.”

Fans from across the world including the USA and Poland have been tuning in to the sessions, and listeners have been interacting, selecting songs for Dave to play at particular sessions, which saw him at Newcastle covering Amy Winehouse’s ‘Valerie’, with a song by the Black Keys next on Dave’s wishlist. “I’m trying to mix and match modern songs with a bit of old stuff. It’s about keeping the fans interacting and engaged with what we’re doing. It seems to work!”

“Any musician who doesn’t utilise the tools of social media is a fool. At the end of the day it’s a great way of reaching out to people and letting them know what you do, and speaking directly with people”, Dave told me, chatting about how messaging with fans increases around these sessions and helps him chat with listeners.

The Caffè Nero dates are timed to coincide with the launch of his new album ‘Almost Horizontal’, a record Dave describes as ‘eclectic’.

“When we were producing it we tried to make it like we would a Quentin Tarantino soundtrack. We tried to take different moods. I’m an artist, I paint, so I’m thinking of different colours for painting, a little bit of light and shade.

“There are songs that are a little bit more upbeat, some bits that are more chilled out. There’s a bit of reggae influence in there. It’s got the same vibe running through it, but there are different colours and textures.

“I’d say the mantra when we were recording was cool and groovy. Everything has got to have a groove.”

Dave continued on to talk about the production of the record, and how drummer Dan Woodward helped lay down the grooves without a click-track, and it was all done using an old-school tape machine. “It was produced in an old fashioned sense, the way old records were done. But then we got Tim Palmer involved to mix it, and make it sound more modern.”

‘Almost Horizontal’ the album has a great range of tracks on it, its name taken from a friend’s comment to Dave that he was so relaxed he was almost horizontal, a title that fits the chilled-out, laid-back feel to the album. Here at KBPS our personal favourites including ‘Midday Sun’ and ‘Blind Faith’ but we were interested to know about Dave’s favourites. He picked the blues-tinged ‘Devil’ with Becka Ward adding backing vocals to it as if she “were a mermaid” - “I tried to make it sound cinematic” – and ‘Por Favor Senor’, which took influence from Dave’s time in Texas. “It’s a bit of a joke song in a way. It is a true story in some senses, but not a true story about me.

“I had a friend who was telling me about this experience he had with a number of ladies. He told me What could I do Dave, there was five of them. I couldn’t just leave them to themselves! which I thought was hilarious and that was the start of the story!”

This story makes up the second verse of the song with the first verse pulled entirely from the world of fiction. “I love the groove on [Por Favor Senor]. It’s got an early ZZ Top feel to it, and that was what I was going for.”

For an album recorded in the winter there is an undeniably warm and sunny vibe to the album. “Maybe the summer [feel] was a bit of wishful thinking!” Dave joked, talking about ‘Por Favor Senor’ and ‘Midday Sun’ being tracked in the same session, one of six four-hour sessions that saw the album being recorded.

Looking back on Dave’s career we asked him how things had changed since being part of a band and now going solo. “I feel most comfortable in a band situation so I really enjoy playing the gigs when I’ve got the band with me. I’ve got a great line-up of musicians and the music really comes across.

“I love playing my own songs,” Dave told us, expressing his love for song-writing and also production. “Making the music is what I’m passionate about. I love creating new music as that’s what fires me up.”

So where is it now for Dave? Coming up he’s got performances at the Cornbury and Saltaire festivals and other gigs lined-up, with lots more under his hat that he hopes to reveal soon. “When I made this record it was always my intention to get out to the States,” he teased, wrapping up our interview as we polished off our drinks.

Dave Hanson’s album ‘Almost Horizontal’ is available to buy now and you can still catch him at Caffè Nero’s across the country including Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol and London ahead of further more traditional dates over the summer. - KBPS Magazine

"“Dave Hanson’s “Almost Horizontal” is a breakthrough album in many ways. Combining blues and melodic changes in its song structures, the record has a a futuristic sense about it."

“Dave Hanson’s “Almost Horizontal” is a breakthrough album in many ways. Combining blues and melodic changes in its song structures, the record has a a futuristic sense about it. This is the direction music SHOULD be going: fresh, innovative and haunting. Hanson is an original, one from whom I hope to hear more music as his inspiration grows!”
Mick Martin – Mick Martin’s Blues Party – KXJZ – Sacramento USA

When he was in the Dunwells, Hanson brought a Mike Campbell touch to the band’s arrangements and occasional solos and breaks. Now treading his own path and performing on his own or with The Dave Hanson Band, he is mining the world of blues-rock and far beyond with a honed axe style and inbuilt sense of variety. This album is as much an exploration of song dynamics as it is of passionate singing and crisp playing.

The album title? Well in any band I am part of or front there is one Golden Rule. It is for the sake of the performers AND moreover the audience. No-one is allowed to panic or become stressed unless Pete is. Any problem can be overcome when playing live if you keep your head and sense of humour. The crowd want to enjoy the show and will have empathy if anything goes awry (see below). Dave Hanson is already a legend for staying cool and you can see from the faces of his playing compadres that they relax and play their best. Best of all, this mindset does not rule out exciting moments in the music. I have seen some groups’ sets fall apart at the slightest glitch, but that ain’t gonna happen to the likes of DH or PS…..

Materialwise it’s hard to pick favourites from this album’s content. Indeed when they played at Cornbury Festival this year, clutches of people afterwards were enthusing about different songs. Tim Palmer’s mix brings out the best in each cut.

‘Joanna’ has wailing harp over a chugging steady beat and conspiratorial vocal ; ‘Blind Faith’ is already a stage favourite and mixes acoustic guitar with mentholated slide, a tale of development over an easy country rock beat. ‘Midday Sun’ goes Caribbean, with appropriate percussion, lyric on de-stressing.

‘Devil’ is contemplative and somehow makes me think of the film Local Hero, with the lovey backing vocals this man favours ; ‘Island Sky’ breezes out of the speakers on a funk backdrop, biting wah guitar in the mix. ‘Do You Get The Fear’ goes for a churning, greasy sound. ‘Let It Go’ uses a syncopated rhythm and Bo Diddley handclaps with sweeping slide before the sound thickens. ‘Por Favor Senor’ nods to Carlos as we all do from time to time.

‘Crystal Ball’ is night music, twinkling piano et al and shades of early Fleetwood Mac and very good, too; ‘Small Town Sinner’ has a stabbing tempo and more sharp guitar and would surely suit a thriller film opening sequence? Closing track ‘Make Hay’ is lovely laidback fare.

Foot off the monitor and eschewing face-pulling, Hanson is a rooted but modern guitar exponent this side of subtle and that side of adventurous. - Just Listen To This Music Blog

""There are some true moments of brilliancy in Almost Horizontal. Hanson showcases not just his great ability as a guitarist but also a very inspired songwriting style""

When Bluebird Reviews heard for the first time Blind Faith, the EP released by the British singer/songwriter Dave Hanson later last year, we had the clear feeling that the forthcoming full-length debut album of Hanson might have been an extraordinary one.

Almost Horizontal is an album that tells a lot about the talent and the potential of the young and talented artist from Leeds. It's a record that allows Hanson to explore music genres very close to the heart of the English artist but executed in a way that makes Hanson's sound to be always distinctly recognisable.

Joanna, the album's opener, it's a clearly winning track. Catchy and upbeat, Joanna is a flawless tune, with excellently balanced bridges and choruses throughout a song that deserves to be blasted on any radios worldwide.

There are some true moments of brilliancy in Almost Horizontal. Hanson showcases not just his great ability as a guitarist but also a very inspired songwriting style, with lyrics that may carry, at times, profound thoughts as in songs like Devil or elements of humour, as in the funny Por Favor Senor.

Musically, the album is truly impeccable. Dave Hanson, through the support also of a large group of highly skilled studio musicians, balances cleverly through the whole record rootsy atmospheres with touches here and there of reggae, glam, rumba, R&B and 90's British rock, making Almost Horizontal feeling like a relaxing walk in a park on a sunny day.

The closing track, Make Hay, is a delicate, acoustic tune, in which the slide guitar of Martin Harley, one of the many excellent musicians present on this record, fly in the air as light as a feather.

The artistic promises arising from Hanson's EP Blind Faith have been fully accomplished in Almost Horizontal. A splendid debut album by one of the most clever and talented contemporary Troubadour with a brilliant future ahead of him. - Bluebird Reviews

"“His tone mirrors the relaxed feel of this release which adds so much to his music, it sounds so natural and effortless with its range”"

I was first introduced to the musical talent of Dave Hanson when I saw him perform with The Dunwells at The Great Escape Festival 2013. During the bands set I was impressed with his skills on the electric guitar. The following year, I was sad to learn that he decided to leave the band, but excited as it was to create his own music and I wondered what it would sound like. Well, he creates a sound which he calls a ‘laid back, bluesy and groovy sound inspired by his love of JJ Cale, Dire Straits and The Black Keys’. 2015 saw the release of his debut EP ‘Blind Faith’ which received great reviews. He then used the site Pledge Music to get the help of his fans to fund his debut album ‘Almost Horizontal’. This hit target and Dave was able to record and release a full album. Before I talk about the album I want to share a conversation I had with Dave about his music, his new album and more. This is what he had to say:
What were your goals when working on the new album ‘Almost Horizontal’?
In the beginning we were just working towards an EP… However it was evident however after we’d laid Island Sky and Blind Faith to tape, that we’d hit upon a groove – a style that was unique to me. I started writing more in that style and pretty soon had an albums worth of material to record. My goal was to create an album that had a timeless feel to it. I’m proud of the finished product. I think it’s the best work I’ve done to date.
During the process of putting this album together, what were the highs and lows?
Well definitely budget was a big low! I kept on running out of money to get the album mixed, so would have to put the project on hold for a few months whilst I took on a job to pay for it! I did all sorts of odd jobs – gardening, working in a Travel agent. I even got a job on a movie set as a chauffeur. I drove the actor David Tennant around for a few weeks. That was fun. He’s a great guy!
One of the highs for me was getting an email from the Mastering engineer saying he loved working on the album. I used Sterling Sound in New York who are one of the biggest mastering houses in the world. They work on all the big hit records. So to get a nod from them was amazing.
How did it feel when you heard the final version of the new release?
I felt like a proud father about to send his first born child to college!
What is your favourite song from it and why?
My favourite song is “Small Town Sinner”. I wrote it as my wry observation of the internet dating game. I had this vision for a Gospel Choir at the end of the track, so I ended up getting every great singer I know to come to the studio and lay down backing vocals! When the choir kicks in at the end it gives me goosebumps.
Now the album is out their for the world to hear, what are your future goals for your music?
I’m looking forward to getting on the road to play the album live. I’ve got some UK dates over the summer and I hope to return to the States at some point. And I’m already writing and planning album number 2 – so watch this space…
Let’s talk about ‘Almost Horizontal’. Here are 11 tracks which at its core are all about the blues and as a fan of this genre you know this is all good with me. This album feels like a homage to the early works of Eric Clapton and JJ Cale who are major influences for this musician. This album also offers a little more as it includes some rock, Americana and funk with a few other genres mixed in for good measure, this shows a impressive depth in sound. Talking about the sound of this album, it is ‘Almost Horizontal’ as the title implies because of its cool laid back vibe. This relaxing tone flows throughout the album and is the main reason I am a fan of what he has created. When you listen to one of my favourite songs ‘Blind Faith’ you get to experience this trait at work. To me, it feels like the type of song I would expect from Tom Petty and it has this cool Americana vibe which has a toe tapping undertone that is infectious. I also like how a few of the songs have a funky undertone which makes them a little more fun and gets your foot tapping. The song ‘Midday Sun’ is a great example of this and another favourite of mine. The album also showcases Dave’s impressive talent with the guitar which includes him showing off his solo skills. As much as he sounds good with an electric guitar, I have a lot of love for the song ‘Make Hay’ which strips this back with an acoustic guitar (which was recorded in one take).
Lyrically, Dave seems to have learned from his influences on how to create stories within the music as well as the right soundtrack in support. He seems to balance just enough depth in his lyrics for people to follow but still deliver a catchy hook to get you singing along. Dave brings his own style of vocals to share his stories which I personally feel sounds stronger since his debut EP. His tone mirrors the relaxed feel of this release which adds so much to his music, it sounds so natural and effortless with its range. Speaking of his range, it surprised especially when I heard my favourite track ‘Devil’ for the first time. The gentle fusion of jazz meets blues is something I did not expect and Dave’s gentle tone blew me away. I love it’s low key sound which lets you to really appreciate his vocal and lyrical talent. There is also a nice guitar solo halfway through the song which is really sexy!
Overall, I expected good things from ‘Almost Horizontal’ after hearing ‘Blind Faith’ EP and it did not disappoint. I do recommend that you check out some of his songs from his YouTube page (click HERE) and if you like his sound as much as I do then grab a copy to add to your own music collection. Grab a digital copy from the usual online stores at Amazon or iTunes or grab a copy on CD from Dave’s website (click HERE). - My Random Jukebox

"“A musical feast fit for a head-of-state-of-your-choice” Plunger Music reviews Album Launch In London”"

“Making music for people to listen to…”

It may be an odd ambition in today’s short-attention span, style-over-substance world, but that’s Dave Hanson’s stated purpose.

Luckily there were plenty folks who appreciate that at his London launch show for his new album Almost Horizontal, who were treated to a typically polished performance from Dave and his band (Dan Roberts keys, Keira Kenworthy bass, Steve Hanley drums and Becka Ward on more-than-just-backing vocals).

Although a shorter set than his recent Blues Kitchen show [reviewed here: https://tmblr.co/Zc96bk25O3BnQ] there was still bags of stylish sophistication to enjoy. Plunger don’t want to risk turning into the Dave Hanson fan club, but suffice to say the recipe was as before: throw together the sounds of 461 Ocean Boulevard-era Clapton, Knopfler, Rafferty and Dundas, fold in some rum-soaked Caribbean vibes, loping slinkiness, N’Awlins gris gris and Feat-beats and a dash of up-beat poppy flavours, then top with some judicious sprinkles of sweet southern fried guitar, classy Fend Rhodes piano and seductive bvs, with the underpinning of liquid bubbling bass and crisp I-know-where-my-ride-cymbal-is looselimbed drums and voilà. A musical feast fit for a head-of-state-of-your-choice.

Epitomising the band’s style and musicianship was a closing cover of Derek & the Dominos Got To Get Better In A Little While, bustling good-time 70s southern soul closing in an almost fusionesque repeated unison guitar/keys/bass riff while Steve showed off his skins-skills.

Almost Horizontal is out today (3rd June) from Amazon, i-Tunes and Dave’s website here http://davehansonmusic.co.uk/release/almost-horizontal/

If you like music you can listen to then buy it… - Plunger Music

"“Fusing together an eclectic range of influences, including reggae rhythms and mellow, bluesy tones”"

Formally of The Dunwells, Leeds-based Dave Hanson has now decided to take a step in a slightly different direction with his latest solo project.

Fusing together an eclectic range of influences, including reggae rhythms and mellow, bluesy tones, Hanson’s debut record, Almost Horizontal, is sponsored by Cafe Nero – meaning they’ll be playing it at 3pm every day this month.

However, if you’re not a coffee drinker, you can listen to the EP for the first time here: - Gigslutz

"“With the treble rolled back, the deeper, warmer tone shines through and the blues & reggae rhythms replace the upbeat indie stomping of Dave’s past.”"

Dave is about to release his debut solo album Almost Horizontal in June. The album is very much a step in a different direction than The Dunwells, and Midday Sun is a good example of this. With the treble rolled back, the deeper, warmer tone shines through and the blues & reggae rhythms replace the upbeat indie stomping of Dave’s past.
Tour dates (CN – Café Nero):

26th May – Album Launch, The Bedford London
31st May – CN Heathrow terminal 2
1st June – CN Heathrow terminal 2
2nd June – CN Heathrow terminal 2
3rd June Album Launch – Seven Arts, Chapel Allerton Leeds
6th June – CN Edinburgh
7th June – CN Newcastle
8th June – CN Leeds
9th June – CN Manchester
10th June – CN Sheffield
11th June – CN Birmingham
13th June – CN Cardiff
14th June – CN Bristol
15th June – CN Brighton
16th June – CN London
19th June – Southampton Notes Café (JJ Nichols support)
21st June – Birmingham, The cellar (JJ Nichols support)
22 June – Grimsby Yardbirds club (JJ Nichols support)
23 June – Chester, Live Rooms (JJ Nichols support)
25 June – Milton Keynes, Craufurd Arms (JJ Nichols support)
25 June – CN Old Compton St – Gay Pride Festival
28 June – Piano Works, Farringdon – CN promoted show
10 July – Cornbury Festival – 11am on CN Stage - Hype Magazine



Band : Dave Hanson
Title : Almost Horizontal
Release Date : 2016
Label : Six String Social Records
Catalog ref. : SSSR-060316


Band : Dave Hanson
Title : Blind Faith - Single
Release Date : 2016
Label : Six String Social Records
Catalog ref. : SSSR-021216 


Band : Dave Hanson
Title : Blind Faith - EP
Release Date : 2015
Label : Six String Social Records
Catalog ref. : SSSR-091815


Band : Dave Hanson
Title : Got To Get Better In A Little While - Single
Release Date : 2015
Label : Six String Social Records
Catalog ref. : SSSR-102315
  1. Got To Get Better In A Little While (Eric Clapton)



After touring with Mumford and Sons and Sheryl Crow as well as performing on the Tonight Show, playing countless festivals and gig dates such as Lollapalooza, SXSW, ACL & Redrocks, Dave Hanson decided to leave his successful band The Dunwells to pursue his dream of making his own music. Spending the last 5 years touring across America provided Dave with inspiration to write and create his new album which has a laid back, rootsy vibe influenced by his love of JJ Cale, Dire Straits and The Black Keys. Working with producer Tim Palmer (U2, Pearl Jam, David Bowie), Hanson has succeeded in making an album of material that sounds warm and familiar but with a modern production value. Hanson’s easy going persona translates into his music which has a sophisticated and effortless feel – “Somebody once told me – Dave you’re so laid back, you’re Almost Horizontal!”

After completing a successful Pledgemusic campaign, the album was released on June 3rd 2016 via INgrooves / Six String Social Records. 

Dave toured the UK extensively during the summer 2016 to promote the album, including an “artist of the month” promotion and tour with international coffee brand Caffe Nero, supporting US Blues Guitarist Jared James Nichols plus UK festival dates including Cornbury Festival. 

Hanson will commence a “tour” of London throughout the Autumn 2016 playing shows at venues across the capital including the famous Bedford, Hospital Club, Blues Kitchen and a #blogtober show curated by online tastemakers Just Listen To This 

The album has been getting much critical acclaim from printed and online press:

“His approach is effortless and tracks like this seem to float out of the speakers” BBC introducing

“5* – A very fine guitarist, probably one of the best we’ve got…” Maverick Magazine

“A breakthrough album in many ways.fresh, innovative and haunting. Hanson is an original…” Just Listen To This

“We think Midday Sun sounds a little like what you’d get if Gerry Rafferty tried his hand at reggae” Songwriting Magazine

Band Members