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Hughenden, Queensland, Australia | SELF

Hughenden, Queensland, Australia | SELF
Band Rock Singer/Songwriter




"'Addiction' EP Review"

Dave Power has released this New EP - Addiction just this year, 2009, much to the sheer delight of his adoring fans.
Once you hear this Album, you too will be caught in the "Power Zone"!! 6 Tracks in all, takes you through a musical journey you won't
want to come home from. Dave's strong and gentle voice will bring you to your knees on this Album. His story telling ability along with Dave's
impeccable songwriting skills, has this Addiction EP headed for the top.
Dave Power does a brilliant job with his acoustic Guitar on every track, He is a refined musician and has honed his craft well. Hard to
believe this young man has acquired this level of work while raising a family and having a successful IT Career. But it is that level of success
that will pull you into "Addiction". Dave Power , a man and his guitar, along with a brilliant producer , James North have together exploded on to
the scene with one of "Best" Albums in Years. Listen to it today, you will be hooked too.
The three tracks that grabbed me most from this fantastic Album , and it was a hard choice, were:

1) Addiction - The title track off The Addiction EP
It is the story of a man falling so far and fast into the charms of an addiction that starts off like a love story. Enticing him , drawing him in...
Seducing him , making him believe this was heaven. Trapped in a world of pain and pleasure. Dave has done a spectacular job at explaining Addiction. A melody to hold up these beautiful words has this track top of my list.
Well done Dave!!

2) Here Tonight
Here tonight is a faster paced Rock/Pop song. The upbeat story of Love, and Happiness. He speaks of being with the one he loves and his need to be always with her. Great guitar riffs on the electric guitar along with the wonderful Vocals allows Dave to spread his wings and Rock it. This track will have you bopping along with Dave. Its a happy and positive song with a slow & sexy feel.

3) Love Struck
This is a slow and bluesy Pop track. Sexy Ballad with great backup vocals. Close your eyes when this plays, you will be groovin' along. Dave speaks of being love struck, Hit by an arrow and resigned to the pleasure of it all. Very Sexy Indeed. Dave's vocals are perfection on this track and if you have a heartbeat... your in!
All the tracks on this incredible Album "Addiction" are a surprise to the senses. Dave's talent is unmistakable. A pure pleasure to the ear. I am one of those "New Dave Power Adoring" Fans. I'm captured simply by the exposure to this brilliant CD called "Addiction"

Thank you Dave, for enriching our lives. Get it today!
Dave Power - Addiction EP
www.davepowermusic.com Purchase this outstanding Album through iTunes or paypal via Dave's site.

Yours in the music Always
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"Dave Power - 'Addiction' Review"

Brisbane, Australia's Dave Power found his mother's old acoustic guitar at the age of 16 and found a creative world opening for him like none he'd ever imagined. His need to play helped Power develop a latent talent as a lyricist and songwriter that dovetails nicely with his strong, clear singing voice. Power has begun to grab a lot of attention in Australia, winning or placing as a finalist in songwriter/performing competitions sponsored by 4BC and Chartsong Studios. Internet and terrestrial airplay has been strong for the artist whose primary influences include Bob Dylan, John Mayer, Dave Matthews, James Taylor and Chris Isaak. Power's latest EP, Addiction, offers up six original tunes that have the potential to make Power a breakout artist both in Australia and in other markets around the world.

Power plies a highly personal story-telling style in song on Addiction, opening with the sweet reverence of Angel Girl. Angel Girl is pure mix tape magic that could be a true hit for Power. American Adult Contemporary Radio would eat this up, particularly if a show like Delilah got hold of it. Power launches next into the soulful Lovestruck, crafting a smooth and sultry jam that has major commercial potential. Addiction tells the story of being so enthralled with a relationship that all other responsibilities fall out of focus. The dark elements of the arrangement foretell the realization that all is not right in a wonderfully written and arranged tune. Power gets in an upbeat love song certain to fill up dedication lines on Here Tonight. What's most impressive about Power is the clear, prescient Pop sensibility he displays in his songs. Power writes melodies you want to sing along to and lyrics that are memorable, all wrapped up in ribbons of subtlety and grace. The Old Man reflects on the wisdom of elders in a wonderfully crafted story-song that will serve as a pep talk for anyone chasing a dream when doubts creep in. Power closes out with The Grand Plan, a meandering love song with an ethereal feel.

Dave Power is the real deal as a songwriter, reminding me strongly of Dan Fogelberg for his lyrical acuity and sense of melody. Addiction is worthy of its name; I suspect that folks who get Power will have these songs on repeat for some time to come. This is not the last we'll hear of Dave Power. Someone this talented won't be just a regional talent for long.

Rating: 4.5 Stars (Out of 5) - Wildys World (http://wildysworld.blogspot.com/2010/01/review-dave-power-addiction.html)


"Looking Life In The Eye" EP - Released March 2013.
"Addiction" EP - Released August 2009.



Dave Power is a man who knows he's lucky to be alive.

Being conceived just the day before his father was tragically killed in a motorcycle accident has embedded into Dave that life's too short to say anything but what you really think, to live life to the fullest and appreciate the good things.

Dave's latest EP "Looking Life In The Eye" has given him the chance to step back and honestly deal with some of his greatest struggles and appreciate some of his greatest gifts. It's been a therapeutic exercise and labour of love.

Technically LLITE has also been a huge learning curve for Dave. Except for drums and bass, he played all of the instruments, performed all of the vocals, recorded, mixed and produced everything in his home studio. He even painted the EP's cover.

"This record is essentially me and my life laid bare for all to see" Dave recounts. "Some of the issues that I've tossed around in the EP are never easy to deal with, but at least now I've put them out there and I can move on".

"This is certainly my best work and I'm very proud of it. All I hope is that someone can take something positive from it to help them with their own inner struggles."

Daves new EP, Looking Life In The Eye available now from iTunes.

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