Dave A'Bear

Dave A'Bear

 Denver, Colorado, USA

My projects are entertaining, guitar based productions with a passion for improvisation and taking chances. I surround myself with the best talent available to explore new music but keep rooted in the fact that I am there to entertain and put on an amazing show. I live to jam.


Currently I am on tour with Melvin Seals and JGB. I am scaling back my personal band projects for now. I will entertain any interest so feel free to contact me.

My band is basically music to serve the jam. I write and select music to explore new and challenging aspects. I play with talented musicians that can communicate on a sonic level, and who are prepared to change at a moments notice.

I come from a musical family. My Grandfather, my father constantly wrote songs for us as children growing up. My brothers and I formed a band as soon as we could. In those days it was heavy metal and Pink Floyd that we emulated. Then a stint with reggae, jazz, bluegrass and all types of rock. But as we matured we drifted towards the music that we grew up with - the music of the Allman Brothers and the Grateful Dead.

What sets my band apart is the versatility. I can play as a solo act, a full band with percussionist, a keyboardist with a Hammond and back up singers. My music spans quite a few genres.