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"Article about Dave Allen"

Link for the actual website to read the article http://theimpulseonline.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20070405/IMPULSE02/704050365/1125/IMPULSE&GID=0fFIa9iask7gHIP7uhYasw9OtfDl3d+aKcziI3d4sJo%3D

Hip-hop straight outta Laurel Springs

Dave Allen can rhyme, sing and start record labels, but he could never win an ugly contest.
Fresh off the March 27 launch of his independently released album, "Broadway Nights," Allen is looking to bring his blend of pop and hip-hop to the masses.

Being a model might help.

"I think in terms of marketing, it is what it is. I could be on the front cover of a magazine and have a top album out at the same time," he said.

Allen says he's hoping the album rouses the interest of major record labels.

"In the next year or two, I hope to be signed with a bigger label, on tour, acting and doing basically anything in the entertainment business," he said.

Allen says he's been inspired by artists of every genre, from The Temptations to Green Day. He's also been influenced by Eminem, which is evident on some of the new songs.

"The CD is definitely hip-hop, but I'm not claiming to be gangster," he said.

"Broadway Nights," his second album, is a reference to the street Allen grew up on in Laurel Springs and a summer he spent living in New York.

If you want to hear some of Dave Allen's songs, log onto www.myspace.com/daveallen or DaveAllenOnline.com

- Impulse Magazine (Philadelphia)

"Part of Review"

Dave Allen- Broadway Nights

By Haleemon Woodard, Senior Editor, at Hot Indie News.com

Date Published: April 23, 2007

Inter-competency crossovers in the entertainment biz, oh ya gotta love it. Singers becoming actors. He has recently released his second CD titled Broadway Nights, and well, it's a decent start. His songs are incredibly poppy, catchy, and will have you tappin' your foot whether you want to or not. He's good looking and therefore by default he will have swarms of females throwing their bras on the stage when he goes on tour. Either way, he will undoubtedly achieve top 40 success on the pop charts.

- Hot Indie News


2005-"Never Look Back"
March 2007-"Broadway Nights"

-Wrote and recorded intro for Q102's "Booker in the Morning" Show (Philadelphia)
-WDBK steady song rotation (South Jersey)
-WRRC steady song rotation (Central Jersey)
-WCPR steady song rotation (North Jersey)


2006 MAC Spring fashion week convention model. NYC, NY.
2006 Appeared on 6 episodes of ABC network daytime soap opera "All My Children". NYC, NY
2006 Macy's Runway Show. NYC, NY
2006 Macy's Athletic Wear Show. NYC, NY
2006 MAC fall fasion week convention model
2007 Levi's Convention model, Austin, TX



In a world where multi-talented artists along with new and exciting music seems like more of a past time than it does a reality, Dave Allen has catapulted onto the music scene with a sound that seems almost impossible to match. He steers clear of the conventional hip-hop sound by adding a rock and dance edge to his music, but still manages to keep it within pop boundaries. His music can have the effect of making people want to dance, as well as have them understand and appreciate the adverse lyrics on some of the more serious songs. His high energy live performance and crowd enticing music is just a fraction of what Dave Allen brings to the music industry. In late 2004, Dave released his self-produced debut album entitled "Never Look Back", as well as wrote all the lyrics, and overlooked the whole process of recording the album. Many events in his life have been the motivation for his musical creation such as the death of his brother in 2001, the near death of him brought upon by a house fire in 2002, as well as another near death experience when involved in a motorcycle accident in the summer of 2005. Although faced with much adversity, Dave has fought through it all and has turned all the negatives into positives in order to fuel his ambition and create unparralled music.

Aside from years of playing the piano, drums, and writing songs for other artists in different genres, Dave is also a model and actor as well. His modeling career started when he was contacted by a major modeling agency in NYC, who came across his music website and thought he would have great success in the print and fashion industry. His acting career came about shortly after and he began gaining small roles on the ABC daytime soap opera "All My Children". While his first release Never Look Back was certainly a great album, Dave assures listeners that it was a growing album and gave him alot of experience and thorough knowledge of the industry and what exactly it is that they are looking for. Fast forward 3 years and Dave has recently finished his new album "Broadway Nights". As the originater of Hip-Rock (Catchy hip-hop with a rock edge), Dave describes my music as highly accessible and popular. But, above all else, it is talented. "I feel I have what it takes to create a mix of many different genres to create a 'new' and exciting sound. When people find out that I produce all of my own music, they are extremely surprised...I guess that alone separates me from most of the cliche hip-hop/pop artists today. My music is very modern and hard not to like". Extremely marketable and just as equally talented he hopes he can gain a lot of exposure to the general public because he is positive his music would be embraced by people of all ages around the world.