Dave Amadio

Dave Amadio


Music has an acoustic laid back feel with easy to follow catchy beats and hooks. It has qualities of pop, folk and alternative rock blended together to create a sound all it's own.


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Hailing from Columbus, Ohio, Dave Amadio is no stranger to the music scene. In 2006 he released his Solo debut, the World Around You. Written, recorded and produced by Amadio himself, the album contained 13 tracks that blended warm, upbeat acoustic melodies with infectious beats and hooks. In 2008, Amadio is poised to release his sophomore effort. His new offering entitled, Saving Rome, is due to be released in mid June and represents the evolution of Amadio’s acoustic sound to an all new level. The new album with 15 tracks was written and recorded by Dave Amadio, mixed by Brian Adams and mastered by Mr. Greg Calbi at Sterling sound in New York.
Although Dave has a wide range of influences that have helped create his original sound, standouts are Jack Johnson, G Love, David Grey, Otis Redding, and Gavin DeGraw. Amadio had realization of his dream however after spending an evening a few feet away from Sir Paul McCartney, learning how truly captivating a man, a song and a single guitar can be.



Written By: Dave Amadio

So close yet so far away from here,
you tripped and you stumbled and life ain't so clear,
You’re walking along in the warm sunshine,
oh no girl, those troubles can't be mine,
If I could get away 11 months a year,
I would raise my glass and I would say cheers!

I gotta get away from my troubles now,
where the air is warm and life seems clear,
where everyday I wake up is a holiday,
and no one ever wants to leave here,
where simple plans, they don't amount to much at all,
I guess a part of me doesn't care at all.

Rest your mind and leave your watch behind,
there isn't a schedule when you are this far behind,
there's not a phone for miles on this beach,
Doesn’t it feel good to be just out of reach?


Saving Rome- 2008

1) Holiday
2) Undertow
3) Left of Center
4) Slip Away
5) Backwards to Blue
6) You ask
7) Just Another Day
8) Dreamer
9) own the Day
10) Not that Easy
11) Lady
12) Come Together
13) Someone to Hate
14) Stuck on you
15) Saving Rome

The World Around You- 2006

1) Faith in You (ME)
2) American G
3) Fall into Me
4) Be My Baby
5) The World Around You
6) Everyday but Sunday
7) Morning Coffee
8) Retrospect
9) Coming Clean
10) Open Me
11) Pretty Little Thorn
12) Back to You
13) Motivation

Set List

current setlist contains 20-30 originals and 30+ covers. Covers are generally in the same genre as originals or are songs we have made our own.