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Dave Armo CD Release at Hotel Utah Dec. 30
I was so glad I got to see Dave Armo perform his songs both new and old at his CD release party at The Hotel Utah on Sunday night. I'm preparing to write a review of his latest release A Leaf in the Breezeway (check back next week for the official faves) and watching him from the Utah's balcony gave me some sense of the man behind the music. Now on one hand it seems silly to say that you know someone better after having been a spectator at his stage performance, but if you consider that a singer-songwriter is essentially baring his soul when he gets up on stageÉwell, maybe that explains why I was touched by the way his personality seeps through his stage performance. Maybe I understand why his fans bring homemade cookies to his showsÉ

This release party was in celebration of Armo's second release and in my opinion this is just the beginning of what we'll be hearing from Armo as a songwriter. And lucky for us! Dave has a way with words; he crafts stories from the heart and it's like listening to a novel set to song. Throughout his performance I often saw the pictures behind the words, as if he were scripting a movie playing out on the screen of my imagination.

In addition to his honest storytelling Dave peppered a bit of humor between songs, noting how his songs often came into being when he found himself with "time on his hands" Ð waiting in airports, waiting while his female friends gussied themselves up for a night on the town Ð he certainly knows how to make good use of down time.

Armo noted that he often plays solo but on Sunday he had the treat of being joined on stage by folks who call themselves the "East Bay Wrecking Crew." And for singer-songwriters and bands in need, this is the crew to call: Andrew Griffin (Cake, The Bloody Lovelies, Viv) on drums/guitar/background vocals, Peter Canton (Ice-T, Bernie Worrell, Dave Ellis) on bass and fellow singer-songwriter Jeff Rolka on piano/guitar/background vocals. These guys did a crackerjack job of supporting Dave. I will never cease to be amazed by the way Andrew can work the background vocal mic while keep the grooves rock solid.

I hope Dave has the opportunity to continue playing more and more with a backing band. For me his songwriting lends itself to having a tapestry of multi-dimensional textures evolving as a backdrop for his storytelling. Of course it is no small undertaking to man the stage as a solo act and I salute him in that approach. I also salute the respect and appreciation he had for the musicians joining him on stage Sunday night. It was yet another illustration of the man behind the music and proof of why the honesty in his songwriting and delivery seems so grounded in a genuine personality.
- San Francisco Deli Magazine


"Late Night Conversations" (2004)

"A Leaf In The Breezeway" (2007)

"Chill Out: A compilation of West Coast Songwriters" (2007) Featuring "Mercy Me" by Dave Armo



Dave Armo was born in Daly City, California. Songwriting for Dave has become an endless endeavor which continues to produce new sounds for an ever-expanding catalog that is seemingly marked by hope and redemption. Fans are known to bring homemade cookies to his live shows, which is something Armo does not understand, but greatly appreciates. In 2004, Armo released his debut album "Late Night Conversations." In 2005, Dave began diverting funds from his graduate student loans to record his second album, "A Leaf In The Breezeway," which was released in December, 2007. A tour in support of the new album has placed Dave in venues across the country.



“Beautifully tender, smooth, heart-felt, passionate, rockin' tracks... The melodies grip you, and the lyrics move you. Armo's compositions and arrangements are so tightly woven that you will be discovering lovely new dimensions after many, many listens.”
– Jake Cosden, Producer

“Dave Armo is one of the most graceful singer-songwriters to break out in the last five years. What sets Armo aside from Mayer, Matthews and Johnson is the authenticity of his voice as well as his lyrics.”
– FeinFilm Times

“Our generation’s Neil Young.”
– Jeff Rolka, San Francisco Producer

“A great image-oriented lyricist and melodic tunesmith! Dave Armo's music has a refreshingly positive vibe to it---and we need it now more than ever."
- Andrew Griffin, San Francisco Producer