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"A Night in Annapolis"

Friday. January has long since invited the biting cold to Annapolis, but Judy Weller remains steadfast as she clutches her sign and growls her protest:

“End this embarrassment in Iraq! Bring our troops home now!”

She is met with the silent applause of anchored sailboats that sway behind her in the gentle calm of City Dock. The night slowly unfolds; crowds form on the cracked asphalt of Randall Street as the faux-aristocrats, tourists, and college students walk quickly to evade the cold. In the shadowy distance, the Naval Academy watches over midshipmen as they scurry in all directions away from the front gates. Bouncers emerge from doorways, silence becomes endless chatter, and the transformation completes itself as the scents of saltwater and coffee gradually give way to a subtle hint of cigarettes.

Judy plants her feet in the snow, still searching for an audience.

Dave Boodakian strides hurriedly between trees and narrowly parked cars on King George Street. Carrying a guitar case in each gloved hand, he passes Judy and smiles broadly as he makes his way toward Armadillos Bar across the street. She observes his navy uniform and frowns:

“Save our children! Bring our troops home now!”

Armadillos: Victorian Annapolis’s two-story scar of bricks. Dave, Taylor acoustic in-hand, swaggers around the stage with unrepentant bravado. Only minutes pass and standing room disappears beneath a uniformed sea of short haircuts, polished shoes, and smiles. Beer flows, bottles break, amp volume increases, and fire codes are quickly maxed. The energy is inescapable. Two hours later, the line between camaraderie and mayhem is irrevocably erased as the pianist, grinning, drunk on Wild Turkey, launches into the opening riff from Baba O’ Riley while Dave, soaked in sweat, screams, “Are you having fun yet?”

A slurred, but unified, roar is the only response. - Eric Cummins

"A Great Live Performer"

"Dave Booda is quite possibly one of the best live performers I have ever seen. His acoustic guitar work leaves nothing to be desired. He has a true gift, and it is showcased on this cd. After buying this cd you will know every song by heart in no time." - Jared Lostrocco, www.jaredlostrocco.com

"Dave is on the "Must See" List"

“Dave Boodakian, a low key, mild mannered gentleman brings a fresh and interesting approach to the acoustic music scene. His hard-hitting guitar playing tempered by strong melodic overtones, an excellent voice and intelligent, sometimes humorous lyric content puts Dave in the "must see" category of singer/ songwriters. Although he never let's on, I was surprised to learn that Dave is a Naval Academy graduate; this is perhaps his second greatest achievement.” - John Ciccolella, Music Director, Twiggs Tea and Coffee

"The Entertainer"

"Under the social dictionary, next to the word entertainment there's a photo of Dave Booda. He's what every venue needs. Dave is so versatile that he can play your teenager's birthday in the afternoon and your orgy later that night." - Dan Lavelle, musicrightnow.com, socialjunkie.com

"Positive Energy"

"Dave's personality shines through his music. Whether he's playing intimate ballads in a coffee shop or grooving to large audiences in arena settings, he always plays with passion, truth, and positive energy. With his endless catalog of fun, catchy covers, and well crafted originals, Dave has the uncanny ability to capture a crowd, always leaving them wanting more."

Joe Cardillo - Musician/Producer - Joe Cardillo

"Professional as he is Personal"

Dave Booda is a promising singer songwriter that puts on a captivating and interactive performance. Armed with a six string guitar, Dave produces a unique and accessible sound that keeps his fan base growing and always coming back for more. Dave balances his acoustic driven sets with a great deal of fan interaction and sincere stories. As Dave continues to establish his name throughout San Diego and the West Coast, he continues to give fans the personal attention they have grown to love from his shows.

In regards to booking Dave, he is as professional as he is personable. He was a breeze to work with and was quick to return calls and e-mails. Dave was punctual in arriving to the venue and prompt to start and end his set on time. I look forward to working with Dave for future events.

Anthony Tran
Assistant Programer, Associated Students - UCSD - Assistant Programer, Associated Students - UCSD

"In Demand by Colleges"

"If your school is looking for an act with a high energy and high fun level then you want Dave! Dave's show is as entertaining as he is talented. His songs tell a story that leave you wanting to hear more. Everyone will be singing, screaming, or laughing along and every single person will leave in a better mood then when they came. He was the most engaging act we've had in our school's coffee house and in demand to be brought back again and again!" - Kim Nieskens, Student Activities Chair, Lafayette College


High School Hero - 2004
Datcho Willy [EP] - 2008



It’s all about the voice, and no one believes that more than Dave BOODA.

Fresh off a six-month stay in New Orleans, Dave has been carefully crafting that which defines him as a musical showman. His voice. Adopted as a protégé by such legends of jazz as singer Betty Shirley, Dave has been taking in as much New Orleans culture as he can. “Living in New Orleans was a humbling experience, being around so much great music really gave me the opportunity to find my voice.”

For Dave, finding his voice hasn’t been easy. Dave is an officer in the U.S. Navy. This has turned out to be a blessing to his music career. Getting stationed in San Diego and New Orleans has allowed Dave to tour widely and build an adoring fan base. All that education has paid off too. Dave turns out to be a marketing genius. His new EP, “Datcho Willy”, was given freely to fans on his mailing list, bundled with 5 free 2-song demos provided that they distribute those demos to their friends. Sales of the EP have shot up.

John Ciccolella, owner and manager of Twiggs, a venue that has long been home to San Diego musicians such as Jason Mraz and Tristan Prettyman has this to say about Dave.

“An excellent voice and intelligent, sometimes humorous lyric content puts Dave Booda in the "must see" category of performers. Although he never let's on, I was surprised to learn that Dave is a Naval Academy graduate; this is perhaps his second greatest achievement.”