Dave Borins

Dave Borins

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN

A sense of humour, a jolt of energy, and emotional candor. DIY poster boy Dave Borins plays cutting edge acoustic rock'n'roll music.






Last October, with his full band in tow, Dave Borins headed for High’s Room, Toronto’s superb venue-of-choice for acoustic music. Object: Two nights of music to cut a raft of new songs for a new album.
Produced by Chris Stringer (Timber Timbre, Wooden Sky, Obijou) and mixed and mastered in Vancouver by Juno Award winning producer and musician Steve Dawson, the album seamlessly weaves live tracks with polished studio material to create in his own words “the ultimate show.”
The new work is a unique project that owes much to Borins’ do-it-yourself ethic, his focus — as a songwriter and as a performer — and a lot to the encouragement of his fans; some 300 of whom came to Hugh’s Room to fund and pre-buy the live recordings. Called The Room Lights Up, the new album’s title is a good description of what happens when Dave Borins hits the stage.


A year or so ago, Tom Power, the host of CBC Radio 2's Deep Roots programme said: "I got a feeling you'll be hearing a lot more from Dave Borins in the next couple of years."
He’s right, because you ARE going to hear a lot more about a guy who is possibly one of Toronto's most energetic acoustic soul players and performers. Dave Borins is making his move.
He started relatively late, because he wasn't in Canada a lot of the time. He was traveling: China, Japan, Indonesia, India, Peru, Nepal — and his passport was his guitar. The ability to play, sing and laugh made friends for him wherever he went — and now it's making friends for him here at home.
He'd learned the very best way to entertain and influence people as canoe guide in the summers of his youth. Here's a guy who can navigate a river, light a camp fire in the rain, and probably cool out inquisitive or angry bears. After that, wandering around the Himalayas, or exploring ancient Inca trails is easy.
He’s probably played well over 300 concerts in the last four years, that sort of experience shows. There have been two recordings — a full-length one from 2007, Songs of Sense and Colour, and a gutsy EP The Lucky Ones recorded in 2009 — and these records, in turn, spawned no less than half a dozen tours, touching almost every part of Canada. As one arts magazine writer put it: "His voice is the kind you could lean against and trust to lead you home on a long walk from the pub in the night."

2010 was kind to him; Tours in Newfoundland and Alberta. Showcases in Memphis, Nashville and at NXNE in Toronto. A songwriting workshop at Boston’s Berklee School of Music, followed by shows in New York City.
After a proud performance at the famed Mariposa Folk Festival’s 50th anniversary event, Multi media journalist David Newland (Canoe.ca and Roots Music Canada wrote this:

"Borins earned his spot by applying to auditions for three years running before getting the nod. When he finally took to the stage for his big show, he was counter-programmed against a 50th anniversary VIP concert on mainstage hosted by Shelagh Rogers that included Ian Tyson, Sylvia Tyson, Murray McLauchlan, Jim Cuddy and Greg Keelor, and headliner Gordon Lightfoot. Borins, banished to the beer garden, never blinked, never wavered, and never stopped smiling from the stage for the die-hards and drinkers cheering him on. Kudos to him for pulling off another affable, audacious, ambitious plan."

Life in what is sometimes called the music business — and “business” should be in quotation marks — has never been easy. But Dave Borins relishes the challenges of the digital age, the new ways of delivering recorded music to fans, and the fact that you make fans today one by one by one… So he leads the band, writes the songs, handles the vocals, organizes the recording sessions, books the tours, drives the van…

2012 is shaping up very nicely indeed.

He will not only survive, he will prosper.
your room — and your ears — will indeed light up. Dave Borins is in the house.

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Late Night Hero

Written By: Dave Borins

I'm your late night hero,
You can call if you're hanging from a wire,
You can call if you're caught in a fire if the phone's not hot to touch

I'm your late night hero,
You can call if you're hanging from a ledge,
All alone in your bed,
you're too hot to touch

Don't be surprised
if I come to your side
and carry you out from the grave
I've got no one else to save

I'm your late night Warrior
and I'll go to battle for you
don't care if I have to
Fight for your hand to touch

I'm your late night warrior
and every hero's got a heel
but my wounds don't seem a big deal
cause you're so soft to touch

Don't be surprised
if I come to your side
with my face bruised and battered, unshaved
I've got no one else to save

Let courage govern us
like wandering Aeneus
Trying to find a place to drop a well

With silent strong resolve
this mystery we'll solve
seek and we shall find a place to dwell, a place to dwell

I'm your late night shelter,
and I'm gonna keep you warm
I'll help you calm the storm
that rages on inside

You're my late night blanket
I'm wrapped up in you
and every thing you do
is a roller coaster ride

So don't take me lightly
stay with my nightly
no matter how hard the thunder pounds
Its nice having you around

Dave Borins

You don't really love me

Written By: Dave Borins

I would buy you a lobster meal
just to let you know how I feel

But if you make me spend all my money
you don’t really love me

I would buy you a palace suite
To show I love you from your head to your feet

But if you make me spend all my money
You don’t really love me

I would buy you a fancy car
To show you I know how special you are

But if you make me spend all my money
You don’t really love me

If you’re really that insecure
Then fancy things are not the cure
And if you need me to prove that I’m true
Then I don’t really love you
No I don’t really love you

I would buy you a diamond ring
I know you want it more then anything

But if you won’t wear my wedding ring
Then you don’t really love me
No you don’t’ really love me
You don’t really love me
You don’t really love me

She's Under My Wing

Written By: Dave Borins

She’s under my wing
she’s under my wing
if I was a sail
she’d be the wind

I’m the weary wayward wanderer
Of ancient folklore
I was tired and exhausted
Till I sailed to your shore
Till I sailed to your shore, and chose to explore


If loving you is hell
Then burn me at the stake
Let me descend below
as the ground begins to quake
cause I would rather die, then to see your heart break

Don’t love me for the things I got
Or things that I can do
Just love me now for love’s own sake
And to thy self be true
If you follow that advice, I’ll do the same for you


So take these simple words
like a kiss upon the brow
If I could wander anyplace
I’d be with you right now
There’s fear in your eyes, I’ll protect you somehow

She’ll fly so high, and I’ll sail so fast
I’ll trade you the sky for the endless ocean vast

She’s under my wing

The Lucky Ones

Written By: Dave Borins

Look at the way they dance together
You look so happy, They seem so happy
Look at the way they, look at each other
You look so happy, they seem so happy

You, are two of the lucky ones,
Two of the lucky ones, two of the lu-cky ones X2

Second Verse –> chorus chords…. Same as the first
Once in a while when you roll the dice
The perfect number, comes up twice
Lotta lonely people looking for love
But you didn’t have to compromise


Brother you’ve done so well
You’re happy now, I can tell
You’ve figured out, what life is about
Its LOVE, Love love

Sister You sure look good,
Just like a young bride should
Look at my brother with that smile on his face

His eyes are on you like a warm embrace

Its love, love, love, love


Detroit Mercy

Written By: Dave Borins

In the downcast deli by the banks of the Detroit River he waits
For a lady who’s learning the law from the sisters of forgotten fate

In her classroom of misgivings and complaints, she argues case by case
And he’s waiting for a taste of Detroit mercy
Mercy for a man caught in another’s plan

Torn between his loves, and their competing demands

Detroit mercy gonna save my soul
Or else I’m gonna lose control
Of all the subtleties that keep me sane………


She loaned him her car so he took the turnpike to hitsville
All he found was a sign and a mausoleum

He turned back to the river, drove through fall out shelters
And started to lament his urban decay

Mercy for a man with his back against the river
With his heart stretched across the freeway, In disagreement with his mind
Detroit mercy gonna save my soul
Or else I’m gonna lose control
Of all the subtleties that keep me sane

OHHHHHHH Detroit Mercy X4

Time amplifies our love and our pain
Sometimes it moves us in droves, like an electric refrain
pushed her farther away then he realized

He’s in no position to slow down and compromise

Have mercy for a man on a steady course
Standing on a shaky deck, stubborn to stay afloat

Detroit mercy gonna save my soul
But if I cross that bridge I gotta pay that toll
And If I falter, I have no one left to blame

Detroit mercy Gonna save my soul, Or else, I’m gonna lose control
Of all the subtle things that keep me sane 1 2 3 4

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Detroit Mercy


New full length album "The Room Lights Up" 2012

"the Lucky Ones" EP 2009

"Songs of Sense and Colour EP 2008
recorded at Phase One Studios w/ producer Bob Gallo (James Brown, Aretha Franklin, Ben E. King)

"Songs of Sense and Colour" 2007
(solo indie release)

Dave Borins Demo 2006

Set List

Sets are highly adaptable, Full Band, Small Band or Solo
the list changes every night. They normally last between 45 minutes and two hours. Original compositions are highlighted alongside carefully chosen covers.