Dave Browne

Dave Browne


Dave Browne's solo album "Windows To The Soul" will be released in Ireland in February 2008. All original material written in full or shared credits by Dave himself the album presents a beautiful mix of ballads and uptempo tracks some featuring string arrangements. Lead vocals again by Dave Browne



“Windows To The Soul”

Dave Browne’s solo album “Windows To The Soul” will be released in Ireland in February 2008.

The album will be preceded by the LIVE EP, “Prelude” in November 2007 and the first commercial single cut from the album in January 2008.

One of Ireland’s most respected musicians, Dave Browne up to this point is best known for being the lead singer and driving force behind The Picturehouse from the band’s inception. He is highly thought of by his peers as a unique vocal and songwriting talent together with being an outstanding piano player. “Windows To The Soul” is a very personal work and a project which Dave has being working on for the last two years.

“Windows To The Soul” represents a unique fusion of two art forms, Dave Browne and Mieke Vanmechlen – an Irish / Flemish lady who is regarded as one of the finest contemporary artists at this time and whose work has been exhibited on the continent and the USA.

“Prelude”, will be a taster to Dave’s forthcoming solo album “Windows To The Soul”. The EP was recorded live in Dublin’s Sugar Club in August 2007.

Dave had been familiar with Mieke’s work for some time and Mieke his. Following a casual catch up meeting, Dave gave the artist a copy of his work in progress album. On listening to same, Mieke went into her studio and created a painting for each track she had listened to. He loved her paintings on first viewing and knew immediately that he wanted these pieces to be the artwork foundations for his “Windows To The Soul” album project.



"Prelude" - EP Released in Ireland November 2007
"Built To Last" - single Irish Release Pencilled for January 2008
"Windows To The Soul" - the album Irish Release Pencilled for February 2008

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The main concert set can last 1hr 30mins, however, the set can be modified depending on time available. As such a shorter set list and duration can be agreed.