Dave Cavalier

Dave Cavalier

 Los Angeles, California, USA

Utilizing a combination of sincere storytelling, provocative lyrics & distinctive instrumentation drawn from a signature blend of alternative styles influenced by his roots in the blues, Cavalier’s commanding voice & stage presence captain an unforgettable rock show.


With a soulful rasp and guitar strings as veins, Dave Cavalier just wants to tell you a story. Whether its about broken hearts or things he lost along the way, this Chicago-born raconteur always promises honesty. Cavalier's songs are piloted by a voice as dirty as his characters' hands, and he's not ashamed of it. His sound lies comfortably in a signature blend of alternative styles influenced by his roots in the blues. Add this to the mix of Cavalier's explosive stage presence and you're left with the soul of a poet speaking to a generation with provocative lyrics and sincere storytelling.

"Fearless." -Janis Ian, Grammy Award winning American singer/songwriter

"A truly incredible performer." -Livingston Taylor, Renowned performer and American singer/songwriter/brother to music icon, James Taylor


"Heavier Than A Thought" (2013; unreleased)

"Chaos & Corvettes" (2009)

EP's: "The Chemistry E.P." (2007) & "The Tango E.P." (2008)

Set List

Cavalier's versatile set list varies based on venue & fellow performers.

Typically perform from 30-45 min, although has previously maintained a weekly gig of 3 hours of original music in Chicago, IL.

Plays covers with his own unique spin, such as Incubus' "Drive," Oasis' "Champagne Supernova," Bob Dylan's "All Along the Watchtower," & John Lennon's "Imagine."