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Dave Clark Band @ Millys Tavern

Manchester, New Hampshire, USA

Manchester, New Hampshire, USA

Dave Clark Band @ Milly's Tavern Parking lot (Skyshow Stage)

Manchester, New Hampshire, USA

Manchester, New Hampshire, USA

Dave Clark Band @ Dover Brickhouse

Dover, New Hampshire, USA

Dover, New Hampshire, USA

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This band has not uploaded any videos



Who needs a record deal? The Dave Clark band has other ideas!

By: Erica Febre

There are so many avenues a band can pursue, aside from playing the usual local scene, and the Dave Clark band is trying several of them. Founded by Dave Clark who started his career as a solo musician, the Dave Clark Band features Clark on guitar and vocals, Dave Stoops on bass and vocals, and Todd McLellan on drums and vocals.
“I basically did everything backwards. I wrote all of the songs, released the record and then I put the band together after that,” Clark said. The majority of the material that the Dave Clark Band performs comes from that solo release of Clark’s, Changes, which was released in 2004. Stoops has also been contributing to some of the more recent songs for the band.
“Its mainstream melodic rock, A little hard rock because it’s guitar-heavy. There’s a lot of harmonies throughout our songs, a lot of big vocals. We’re not a heavy metal band. We’re definitely more of a rock n roll band. We’re more on the melodic end. The songs are definitely written to be catchy and sing along to,” Clark said.
Live performances are where the Dave Clark band thrives the most. Being able to play mostly originals has been a blessing for the band, but they don’t really have an interest in pursuing a record deal, unless one just happens to fall into their hands. What they are pursuing, though, is getting some of their music into the publishing field. “At this point we just try and get together a couple of times a week for practice and do a few shows a month. We really just enjoy playing and performing,” said Clark. “Shopping for a publishing deal, that is one serious thing that we’re pursuing, writing music for film and television, even other artists.
The Dave Clark band is in the process of recording about a dozen new tracks for a new release in the early part of the New Year. They’ve already got a few crowd favorites, like “Wishful thinking” and “So sorry” which were on Clark’s solo release.
“People really like the songs, they’re catchy and memorable, it’s pretty uplifting music, not at all negative. It’s about keeping a positive vibe on everything,” Clark said.
The Dave Clark band is based in northern Massachusetts but Clark ahs been a member of the New Hampshire music scene for many years, working alongside other local bands and musicians.
Aside from booking their own shows, the Dave Clark band works with local booking agent TNA Rockz based in Manchester, for promoting and booking shows.
- Hippo press

DAVE CLARK / 'Changes'

We´ve just received a beautiful record from Bedford, U.S.A. Yes, I think that 'beautiful' is the right word to describe Dave Clark´s music. On one of the many e-mails he´s sent us during the last couple of weeks, he defines his songs as 'pure old school rock and roll with big guitars and catchy melodies, songs that will make you stomp your feet and sing at the same time'. Self-produced, self-financed and self-released, 'Changes' is the first album from this 35 year old singer and guitarist who, right now shares musical duties with drummer Craig Tramack and bass player Dustin Shelley, even tough during its recording other musicians played on it. Thanks to their collective work, and thanks also to the beautiful simplicity of Clark´s songs, they´ve managed to bring some light to the year 2.005 which was starting to look terribly boring and mediocre.
Is refreshing, on this era of big productions and of records that take long periods to make, to know that someone can come up with a totally different kind of album. Lovers of Tesla´s acoustic stuff will dig 'Wishful Thinking' and 'Dusting Pictures' after just one listening and won´t be able to live without them and without Clark´s warm voice. Brilliant, and the best songs on the album. 'So Sorry' shows his most electric side, and 'It´s Been Too Long' should become a global hit, we´ll collect signatures if needed. Beautiful album, very beautiful.

Xavier Rulló.

- This is rock, Italy


Dave Clark - Changes (2004)
Changes is available for purchase online @ CDBABY.com and for download just about everywhere else!
example: Rhapsody, I-Tunes, Yahoo Music, Amazon, H Lounge, etc..
All of the tracks from this cd can be found in rotation on Spiderbiteradio.com



The D.C.B. is a hard hitting melodic rock outfit from Boston MA. The Power trio features Dave Clark on guitar and lead vocals, Dave Stoops on bass and vocals and Todd McLellan on drums & vocals. The bands songs are memorable and catchy and the music is a thick wall of sound not often captured by just three players. When they hit the stage, the gloves come off! They truly bring the goods live and never disappoint their fans.

They are now busy writing songs for their second album that is due for release in mid 2008. They are also booking some great shows, so stay tuned for more info and check out the brand new website! DaveClarkRocks.com

The bands history:

Dave Stoops hails from Somerville and met Dave C. while playing in popular Boston band LABB. Shortly after meeting each other, LABB broke up and Dave asked Stoops to join D.C.B. It took a while but the timing was finally right and Stoops is now a card carrying member. Stoops, brings a lot to the table with fresh song ideas and great vocals. Stoops, is also a "FORMER" member of popular Boston bands Tricycle, The Memory effect & Slow Fore. Stoops also recommended Todd McLellan for the drummer position in the band since that spot was recently vacant. Todd was also in LABB and Tricycle with Stoops, so there is a solid musical relationship between them and the lineup could not be more solid!

Dave C. released his first solo CD "Changes" in the summer of 2004. He has been performing throughout New England over the past three years with an ever changing backline of players. All the while he has been searching for the right musicians to make his band complete. Hooking up with Todd and Stoops has only created a stronger, more creative writing force and taken Dave's vision and turned into a true rock band! Don’t ever second guess these three musicians, they are a serious force to be reckoned with and they will kick your ass! They are the Dave Clark band!