Dave Coffin

Dave Coffin


A mix of Soul, Pop and Folk, with lyrics from the heart and stylistic guitar playing.


Rural Maine native and Boston based singer/songwriter, Dave Coffin, is all heart and soul. See him live, and you'll understand.

But after you do, it may come as a surprise that he started his music career as the lead singer for a hardcore group. "I definitely didn't know how to sing back then, and as I taught myself how to breathe and how to control my tone, the abrasive nature of that music started to appeal less to me." These days, Dave's music is mellow, but if you listen hard enough you can still hear those harder roots in the emotional quality of the meaning behind his songs, and the heartfelt performance.

For the past two years, Dave has been brewing a pot of 11 songs, using the most organic ingredients he can find. The finished product is his debut album entitled "Fumbling in the Dark" scheduled for release on March 27th, 2007. "I produced the whole thing myself, so it's sure to be homegrown." The roster includes New York based lead guitarist Matt Rooney, bassist Rich Salvatore, and drummers Jonas Westbrook and Butch Gage. The whole album was recorded mostly in his and his band-mates apartment in Boston, Massachusetts.

The album covers a range of topics, never quite settling on a theme. "These songs were written over span of two years, but there has always been somewhat of a coherency to the songs I write."

The album starts off strong and ends strong, much like his live shows. Often playing solo, he has the capability to captivate an audience and even silence a loud bar. He'll be hitting the road in support of "Fumbling in the Dark" with a full band in April.
"Fumbling in the Dark" will be available on March 27th, 2007 from Dave's website (www.davecoffinonline.com), iTunes, and local stores in Boston, Massachusetts.


Fumbling In The Dark

Set List

No One Dares Turn on the Light (2:40)
I Don't Think You Love Me (4:00)
War Zone (5:00)
The King Is Dead (4:30)
Bodyless (2:55)
Sorrow (3:34)
Eat Me Alive (3:12)
Would You Stay (2:44)
Again and Again (5:14)
Tomorrow (4:51)
No Resistance (2:58)
Circus Child (3:40)
Everybody Falls in Love (5:00)
At the End of the Day (3:00)
Smooth Sailing (3:00)
My Gratitude (4:00)
Clean Slate (5:00)
True Love (3:45)
Sister Bridget (3:30)

Amos Lee - Seen It All Before
Amos Lee - Keep it Loose, Keep it Tight
Amos Lee - Colors
Bob Marley - Waiting in Vain
James Taylor - Carolina in My Mind
The Wallflowers - Invisible City
Jack Johnson - Holes To Heaven
Jack Johnson - Banana Pancakes

Set length - 1 to 2 hours