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"Honky Tonk Heroes"

Dave Cox looks like your average whitebread college dude. Then he opens his mouth and a combination of Hank Williams and Barenaked Ladies comes out. Cox is one of "those guys:" a dyed-in-the-wool musician who moved to Nashville and lived in his car and a series of really bad hotels before landing a regular gig at the place he reveres as "the home of traditional country music." For a guy whose goal two years ago was to play at Robert's just once and who's now a regular, life doesn't suck.

How long have you been playing?

Since 1999 in Louisville, since 2004 in Nashville.

How do you keep it fresh playing night after night?

I keep writing new songs. Some periods I write a song a day; sometimes it just flows. I don't try to force it.

What's your most interesting fan story?

I have a song called "Fun-eral" — it's a funny song about my funeral. A guy from a funeral home in Texas wanted to use the song. The TV show Family Plots was interested in the song too, but it didn't get renewed.

What song do you wish you never had to play again?

"Sweet Home Alabama." It used to be "Brown-Eyed Girl," but people don't request that much anymore.

Which Nashvillian, past or present, would you love to have sit in with you on a Saturday night?

Luther Perkins, Johnny Cash's original guitar player. And I've always been a Carl Perkins fan. But Johnny Cash was the one I wanted to meet most.

When did you know that you were a bona fide Nashville honky-tonker?

When I first came to town I wanted to play at Robert's. I would go in and watch the regulars and the workers and think, "I want to be a part of this." For so long, I was on the outside. It's hard to explain what it means to me.
- Nashville Rage

"Country Conversations"

The next time you're in Nashville, take a walk down Broadway and visit Robert's Western World. It's a little beer joint that also sells cowboy boots. There you will discover the essence of country music. The air in there is permeated with the smell of cigarette smoke, alcohol and leather. And the sound is solid-gold country. I recently had the pleasure of hearing a young man with a big future in traditional country music there at Robert's. Remember this name: Dave Cox. He's the real deal."

"I'll be honest; I don't buy any CDs from any of the new mainstream country artists. When I do buy a music CD, I tend to put my money on a sure thing like Billy Joe Shaver or Dwight Yoakam. And much more than that, I spend most of my money on CDs by non-mainstream artists like Dave Cox... It seems that there are far better country artists out there than those whose songs are being played on radio or video channels." - Timothy Edward Jones


CDs released:
The Song Stylings of Dave Cox (2005)
Stuff (2006)
Music City Zoo (2006)
Over And Out (2008)
Greatest Misses (2008)

All CDs and/or mp3s are available at DaveCoxMusic.com and many retailers such as Amazon, ITunes, Target, etc.



Watch out! There’s a bomb about to go off in Americana and Traditional Country music and his name is Dave Cox. Cox is poised to take the entire genre of Americana music to the next level, while at the same time continue to play an integral part in The Country Music Revolution.
Since moving to Nashville in March, 2004 Dave Cox has established himself by penning and performing some of the most original music in a town where originality is becoming extinct. Worldwide airplay and sales of his first five CDs combined with a busy performing schedule on Broadway has made way for a fan base that stretches across the planet.
The current Americana influence in country music lends itself well to Cox’s music. Musical influences include Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Hank Williams and Roger Miller. He claims, however, that he doesn’t label himself as Americana, traditional, novelty or pop country… “I just write what I hear in my head. That seems to be my best formula for success. There is certainly a country music revolution in the works. People want something more real, and I believe that I’m in the right place at the right time to turn some heads and open some ears.”
Maybe he’s a little bit of all the sub-genres of country music. When you hear his music you’ll agree that no matter what you brand him as, he is definitely and defiantly unique.
Dave Cox was born in 1976 in Louisville, KY and has been writing and performing his definitive brand of country music since 1996. He staked out a name for himself in the midst of a strong original music scene in Louisville as a completely original and outgoing artist playing country music in traditionally non-country venues. He kept a busy performing schedule in Louisville and the surrounding areas of Kentucky and Indiana from 1999-2004, playing 4-6 shows a week. A strong local fan base was a result of Cox’s completely original music and style, and he even made nationwide news in 2002 by setting a world record for the longest musical performance on a Ferris wheel, playing and singing for twelve hours straight.
In 2004 Cox moved to Nashville in a quest to devote himself to singing and songwriting, and eventually taking his music to the next level. It didn’t take long before he was performing on Lower Broadway 4-5 times a week. That same year he began recording his first completely original CD, entitled The Song Stylings of Dave Cox, which yielded songs that have received airplay in the U.S. and Europe. Over the next few years he would record three more completely original CDs that achieved even greater success with barely any promotion: Stuff, Music City Zoo and Over And Out, along with a compilation entitled Greatest Misses. All of the aforementioned albums showcase Cox’s original, innovative, witty and heartfelt writing and singing styles on his self-penned tunes backed by a band of some of Nashville’s most talented musicians.
Dave Cox currently resides in Nashville and keeps a regular performance schedule at venues throughout Nashville and Kentucky, mainly performing in the legendary honkytonks of Lower Broadway. The historic Robert’s Western World is proud to feature Cox as one of their weekly mainstays where he performs 3-4 times a week. While almost constantly writing his definitive brand of country music, Dave Cox looks forward to releasing his sixth album of all original material within the next couple months and hitting the road to bring his unique brand of country music to an even wider audience in the near future. The Country Music Revolution has begun, and Dave Cox is ready to showcase it to the world!