Dave C Thomas

Dave C Thomas


Honest, personal, outreaching music. A blend of old and new, mix of Dylan, Drake and Bowie with Buckley to create a fresh new solo artist with a so. Big sounds, big voice-one guy and a guitar. Soulful beyond his years, bluesy, gritty, melodic - after hearing a song youll want to hear more and more!


Since standing outside a bank aged three belting out Bowie's 'Starman' to the passers by, I've always needed to play music! Over the years I've been in bands and have slogged the 'toilet circuit', loving putting every ounce of myself into my music. Still only aged 21, my music has maturity and my live shows an energy which can only be attributed to an honesty and complete emersion in the music I play. The proof is in the pudding, so just click play! if no songs are available, they will be up soon but in the meantime click - http://www.myspace.com/davecthomasband


Caught Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea EP - available at shows and through my site, digital distribution through iTunes, Rhapsody, Last FM, Napster, Amazon mp3 etc. available in June.

Set List

I have over 30 songs of my own and many, many more covers. My sets can range from one or two songs to 2 hours long depending on what is required.