Dave Doll

Dave Doll

 Nazareth, Pennsylvania, USA

Agressive, progressive, acoustic rock singer/songwriter with a penchant for the perfect guitar sound. Prides himself on making whole-band arrangements sound immense and resonant, with just one voice and one guitar. ----Contact Dave: 610-653-6291 www.myspace.com/davedollmusic


Dave Doll has a sixth sense; a musical sense that pairs words and melodies together to form a signature style driven by raw emotion.

Dave’s musical past begins at age three and includes thirteen years in Drum and Bugle corps, four years in District, Regional and State ensembles, a B.A. in music performance, and the front man for three rock bands.

College was a great source of diversity for Dave, playing in rock bands, jazz bands, even a show band fronted by musical legend, Bobby Mercer. College was also the first time Dave began playing his original songs in front of captive audiences. The coffeehouses surrounding the college campus allowed Dave to hone his live show, a show which is characterized by balls-to-the-wall energy, a brash and witty sense of humor and a barrage of original songs.

A native of the Lehigh Valley, Dave is recognized as the leader of the former band Paradigm, a ten-year performer with the Bobby Mercer Road Show, and most recently, as a progressive and aggressive solo rock act. He has opened for bands such as the Gin Blossoms and Third Eye Blind, and has won many accolades including the 2006 Lehigh Valley Acoustic Competition and numerous regional Battle of the Bands contests.

Nine years of professional dedication to The Martin Guitar Company has also led Dave to a greater understanding of the guitar from not only a technical standpoint, but also artistically and aesthetically. To him, the instrument is more than just an accompaniment to his voice; the guitar is its own voice. Dave is so dedicated to the instrument and quality of its sound, that he now builds and plays his own custom guitars, along with his prized Martins.

Dave has been inspired by the melodic song writing of alternative bands such as Toad the Wet Sprocket and R.E.M and by the technical prowess of guitar virtuosos Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, and John Petrucci. Through these musical influences, he has created his own fusion of guitar-driven progressive rock that has been described as “using the guitar’s fingerboard in its entirety” and “a style so different from anyone else that one can’t help but take notice.”

Combine intense and unyielding vocals with “take-notice” guitar playing and you have the artist that is Dave Doll.

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long goodbye

Written By: dave doll

it's been a long, long time since my eyes have seen your light. it's been a while since i've seen the fire in your eyes. so hold me close and let me breathe your life. i need to pull the strength to say goodbye. as time goes on, i feel like i'm losing my time with you. but where does that leave us now? it's a long way down when your soul is unsound, and you're all alone. but i'm finding the time, and piece of mind; and i'm gonna find my way back home.

tragic thoughts. desperate hours. tainted memories. these are the things that build our dreams. so hold on now, although it's cold outside. it's time to say goodbye. and as i go on i feel like my briges are all falling down. but where does that leave me now?

all that you are

Written By: dave doll

no refraction no damn good
no one sees, but no one should,
how all the pieces fall apart.

here tomorrow gone today
come whatever come what may
i'm only following my heart.

i've waited till all the time had gone
i've watched you fall.
i wanted nothing more than everything and all that you are.

leave me standing on my own.
take for granted all i've know.
find the strength to start again

broken, tired, falling down.
i once was lost, now i'm found.
i'm on the outside looking in.

i've waited till all the time had gone.
i've watched you fall.
i wanted nothing more than everything and all that you are.


Written By: dave doll

moving at the speed of sound.
there's no one around who can find me now.
can't you see me? don't be afraid.
i'm more than a dream. i'm the dream you made.
i know that you say that everyday it's gonna get better.
i know in every way i'll keep on trying to find a way out of this pain.
can you help me? i'm falling.
i'm breaking off the wings of the angels.
when you reach out can you feel them?
i'm breaking off the wings of the angels.

hold on, don't let go.
i'm the one that you trust.
i'm the world you know.
don't stone me i'm your hero.
i'm the one that you love when you're feeling cold.
i know that you think you're here for the very same reasons.
i know everytime that you look in my eyes all you see is the reason you've gone.
can you help me? i'm falling.
i'm breaking off the wings of the angels.
when you reach out can you feel them?
i'm breaking off the wings of the angels.


Paradigm - 2003
Dave’s first full-length release, featuring full band arrangements

Lullabies & Nocturnes - 2007
Thirteen-track concept album showcasing Dave’s creative, acoustic expertise. Relaxing and melodic

2008 O Holy Night/ Carol of the Bells

currently finishing prduction on new full length cd " Middle Ground"

Set List

Dave does 3-4 hour performances of all orginial music.