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The Dave Featherstone Band

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"Dave Featherstone returns tonight with new band, sound"

Growing from the Dave Featherstone Experience, the Burlington musician takes the stage once again with a new band and new sounds.
The Dave Featherstone Band performs in the BLR Entertainment Indie Showcase tonight (Friday) at the Boston Manor with Mass Conception, Lucky 13, 13 Wide and Citizen.
“I knew after my last band, I wanted to keep going,” said Featherstone about starting his solo venture four years ago. “I built up my song arsenal and skill level. I always learn new genres which I now incorporate. Originally, I never played blues and classical and now those genres help me come up with ideas and inspiration. I got to the level where I was comfortable with my musicianship and decided it was time to put a band together.”
He did so a few months ago and now the band consists of Dan Mercuri on guitar, Michael Neglia on drums and James Priestman on bass guitar.
The Dave Featherstone Band has performed already in Hamilton and Burlington’s Legendary Red Rooster.
“This band is definitely the right fit,” said Featherstone. “Once we had tight sounding songs, we started recording and hope to have our demo CD out in November or December.”
When he started his solo project a few years ago, aiming for a fresh sound, he started with an experience.
“The Dave Featherstone Experience was an idea I was going for at the time where I was aiming for a mature look of myself and my music. It was slowly starting to take form.”
But it was living through life experiences that moulded his current sound and song writing.
Along with new genres influencing his music writing, he found that daily experiences influenced his song writing.
“Now I would describe my music as blues alternative rock and good old fashioned rock and roll,” he said. “It can be a sappy love song or down and dirty or anything in between. Anything can strike me at any time; when I’m waiting for a bus, melodies and lyrics start popping in my head and if I can’t get rid of it, I start doodling on the guitar and next thing I know it’s a song.”
He added his songs can offer more than first meets the ear.
“It’s all over the board in that they can be light or deep. One song you may hear and think it’s an angry song but when you listen to the lyrics, you see there’s a moral to the song.”
While he is getting ready to make an online presence with a new website — available in November — his music can be found at Dave Featherstone Music in Facebook stone-Music/224135237817. - Kathyrn Dunmore


Still working on that hot first release.



The music that the group does is inspired by all sorts of music due to the fact that every member brings with them different influences and genres of music. When on stage, the energy is so intense that people of all ages and lovers of all types of music get into each and every song, which helps sets the band apart from others because their fan base is so diverse. The Dave Featherstone Band got their start when Dave wanted to stop playing for his closet in his bedroom and to begin jamming with friends. In a wild attempt to form something quickly he contacted his friends Dan Mercuri and Michael Neglia days before a show asking if they could help him out. He then contacted his good friend and old bass player from a previous band, Thomas Scott and thus began the experience that has now become The Dave Featherstone Band. Through complications with school and member changes the band now consists of the original 3 plus new bass player Nash Bussieres with new songs, new covers and some wild stage antics, The Dave Featherstone Band will be the next great thing to be exported from Canada.