Dave Gott

Dave Gott


Singer/songwriter Dave Gott is an American original. His music and style are authentic; poignant lyrics, melodies reminiscent of the 1970’s and vocals both husky and organic come together to create unique and moving performances. Dave tours with an all-star band that includes Liberty DeVitto.


Dave Gott: An American Original

Dave Gott is a composer of organic rock and roll music. Rooted in the seminal 1970s, his gritty and honest approach serves as a baseline reminder to the classic rock enthusiast of today. Born during the glory years of rock and roll in the historically diverse city of Bayonne, NJ, a college bright Dave Gott gelled as a songwriter under the unique tutelage of Allen Ginsberg at Wesleyan University in 1988. “He opened my eyes to the fundamentals of song structure and the use of poetic devices," says Dave. Studying writers like Emily Dickinson, Walt Whitman and Jack Kerouac, Gott traced the footsteps of another of Ginsberg’s exceptionally talented pupils, Bob Dylan.

A man of undeniably authentic, choice lyrics sung with his trademarked and surprisingly clean falsetto against the backdrop of a husky and natural sound, Gott sends incisive messages of hope, faith, and new beginnings. About the songwriting process itself Dave says, “My songs are discoveries. They roll by. My job is to discover them and catch them as they come flying down the highway. And it’s a 24 hour gig---you have to be in ’receive mode’ all the time." Gott says he attributes his talents to spiritual growth, a professional dedication to music, and most of all a free mind.

Reminiscent of Van Morrison’s blending of brawn and vividly poetic lyrics, Dave Gott is a lasting talent, pleasing audiences since his teenage years when age barred all youngsters from the club scene. He began writing songs at twelve years old, days after hearing a friend’s brother’s garage band practice "Hotel California." Interestingly, a matured and fortified version of "What Do You Mean?”, one of his first, found its way to "Making Love is Right," his new album released in May 2008. "Making Love" is the product of three decades of relentless work, focus, and dedication to his musical values of promoting a positive human potential through raw expression of American rock and roll and the American rock and roll ballad.

Dave recorded "Making Love" with Billy Joel’s long time drummer Liberty DeVitto, bass player David Santos, background singer/percussionist/horn player Crystal Taliefero, The Black Crowe’s keyboardist Rob Clores and CSN’s guitarist Jeff Pevar. Additional contributors included Teddy Mullet and Ed Calle’ of The Miami Sound Machine’s horn section, as well as The Miami Symphony Orchestra strings section. The project was produced by multi-grammy award winner Juan Cristobal Losada and mixed by both Mr. Losada and renowned producer/engineer Steve Gordon. Dave has also recorded with Wings’ drummer Steve Holley, and in 2006 opened for Steve Forbert, one of his favorite songwriters.

Set List

Carolina Jane (Love Waits By The Waterside)
It's a Long, Long Way
The Perfect Flower
Making Love is Right
You Make Me Want to Write a Song
Boy and Girl
Autumn Came Too Soon
Love is Like a Battle
When Will We Love Again?
Diamonds in Brenda's Eyes
There Is A Place
What Do You Mean?
Maddie May
Sweet Camelot
You Broke The Moon