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Glen Ridge, New Jersey, United States | INDIE

Glen Ridge, New Jersey, United States | INDIE
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In the swing world there are guitarists, there are great guitarists, and there are players too hot to handle. For Dave Gross to ascend to that last category at age 21 is astonishing. Most players don’t achieve the tone, speed, phrasing and maturity until they have played many years. But Gross has studied from the best and soaked it up like a sponge. And he can hold his own on the bandstand.
Gamble is a mixed bag, as Gross pays tribute to his inspirations with a diverse set of styles and grooves driven by a first class rhythm section and horns. Gatemouth Brown’s swing classic “She Walks Right In” is the opener, with Gross trading blistering solos with the legendary Duke Robillard. And there is no mistaking the T-Bone Walker influence on “I’m So Hungry Blues,” as Gross laid it on thick with the Bone’s trademark intro-solo. Gross has captured the behind-the-beat phrasing of the master to perfection. At this level of playing you have to look to other instruments for ideas and one of Gross’ favorite players is Oran “Hot Lips” Page, a 1930s generation trumpet player who once worked with Count Basie. His “Walkin’ In A Daze” gave Gross a rich vocal blueprint and Gross is as sassy and soulful as the best. In another tribute to the 1930s, Gross took the standard “After You’ve Gone” into a soaring Djangoesque flight on an amplified archtop Gibson with Robillard tearing into a jaw-dropping solo!* Another of my favorites is the instrumental “Swingin On All Six” as Gross and Doug “Mr. Low” James on sax fly together on a high-stepping melody and the rest of the band chimes in with their twelve bars. The closing “Make Things Right” drips with reverb drenched guitar in a slow blues that builds dynamically to a screaming climax. Masterfully done in the finest tradition of the genre!
You know Gross is doing something special to catch the ear and respect of Duke Robillard. The Duke produced Gamble, bringing to the table his band mates to back his protégé and his years of experience in performing and recording. It’s hard to imagine this young man topping this recording but I have a feeling he will. He’s a gamble worth taking. This is a must for any swing devotee.

*The "jaw-dropping solo" was Dave's. - Sing Out!

"Dave Gross Will Help Carry, if not Lead, the Blues into the Next Five or Six Decades"

Once every couple of years, someone comes along to give the blues just what it seems to need to insure it's very existence. I'm not talking about the dozens, or more, of the flashes in the pan who arrive on the blues scene thinking that "RED HOUSE" is the greatest blues song of all time. Or, the ones that have more foot pedals in their equipment bag than they do chords in their repertoire. I'm talking about someone that makes blues fanatics, such as myself, stop and say "Yes! Here's someone who is capable of carrying the blues into the next generation". It doesn't happen often, but when it does it's truly a blessing.

About five years ago, I had this feeling about a young man by the name of Nick Moss. In his first year out, Nick got nominated for what was then known as a W C HANDY AWARD for "BEST NEW ARTIST DEBUT" and since then his name has become synonymous with what are now called the BLUES MUSIC AWARDS.

Well, it's been that long, but this year I once again have that very same feeling. This time, it is for a young man named DAVE GROSS, who has also garnered his very first - and remember you heard it here, there will be many more - BLUES MUSIC AWARD nomination, which is also for "BEST NEW ARTIST DEBUT".

The product that's drawing DAVE GROSS all of this attention is his second release titled "TAKE THE GAMBLE". On the disc, DAVE, on Vocals and Lead Guitar surrounds himself with a slew of recognizable and vastly talented musicians which include: DUKE ROBILLARD on Guitar; DOUG "MR. LOW" JAMES on Baritone and Tenor Sax; AL BASILE on Cornet; DENNIS GRUENLING on Harmonica; DONA OXFORD on Piano and Organ, ARTHUR NEILSON on Upright Bass and Guitar; A J HAGER on Fender Bass; MATT MOUSSEAU & MARK TEIXEIRA on Drums. I'm tellin' ya, if this were a baseball team, talent like that would have you thinkin' 1961 Yankees.

Now let me tell you about some of this outstanding music. Nine of the thirteen tracks are DAVE GROSS originals and "MESS ON MY PLATE" is just one of the many I'll touch on. On this N'awlins groove DAVE'S unique vocalization style, as it is on all the tracks, is just one of the many highlights. DONA'S piano's in the right place and the horns are all blending in at a nice soft pace.

"I'M LEAVING BABY" is the first of three tracks that feature the phenomenal DUKE ROBILLARD. Interestingly enough, had the disc not mentioned it, even the ear of a seasoned listener may not have known. The similarities and level of talent between the DUKE and the DAVE are amazing.

"I'M SO HUNGRY BLUES" is one of the discs more down and dirty blues track, which almost always makes it one of my particular favorites. I know I may say this more times than one review should allow, but once again, this young mans vocals and smooth guitar playing are once again a track highlight. The horn guys get their licks in on this one as well, especially AL with that great muffled cornet.

If you're a bottom person, then "SWINGIN' ON ALL SIX" will get your bottom goin'. This swing tune features the rhythm section on top of it's game. "MR LOW" on baritone, MARK on drums and Arthur on the standup can't get much lower than this.

Country blues fans won't feel left out after listening to "YOU AIN'T PLAYIN' ME NO MORE". With nicely done, very soft piano accompanied by equally nice and soft rhythm in the background, excellent lyrics - written by DAVE, delivered by way of excellent vocals - sung by DAVE are once again the highlight.

Being one of DAVE'S favorite songs - regardless of who does it - he had to choose "AFTER YOU'VE GONE" as one of his covers. It's a 30's swing song that featured AL at his very best on cornet. This one's got the rhythm sections working double time and DAVE doin' some great pickin'. A very hot number to say the least.

"MAKE THINGS RIGHT" is just one of the many tracks that made this whole project right. You can just feel DAVE'S emotion on this one......in his singing and in his guitar playing, which is undoubtedly some of the best on the disc. On top of that, DONA'S organ will blow you away as well. Let me tell you how to listen to this song - stop anything you're doing, put the headphones on, turn up the volume, set the replay button to 5 or 6 and give yourself a dose of therapy.

DUKE ROBILLARD says "DAVE GROSS is definitely a force to be reckoned with among contemporary roots and blues guitarists".

HUBERT SUMLIN says ".......He can play man! I mean that boy can smoke. I sure like to bring him out with me on the road one day".

PETE THE BLEWZZMAN says "DAVE GROSS will help carry, if not lead, the blues into the next five or six decades."

Stop by www.davegrossband.com and check out DAVE GROSS. Of course ya know ya gotta tell him Blewzzman sent ya. And, if you happen to be one the millions of people who live in the metropolitan NY/NJ area, definitely catch this act - please, not all at once though. - Mary4Music.com

"A Defining Moment"

This album is both mature and significant. Dave Gross, only 23 years old, clearly steps out and establishes himself on this new release. I echo Bob Margolin's liner notes when he says, "With Crawling The Walls Dave Gross earns major recognition as a guitarist, vocalist, bandleader, arranger, songwriter, and producer."
Although much of this swings, this is more of a Blues album than Take the Gamble (produced by Duke Robillard). That album earned Gross a 2007 Blues Music Award nomination for Best New Artist. The band again is top notch featuring Gross on guitar and vocals; Gerry Niewood on clarinet and saxes; Jon-Erik Kellso on trumpet; Mike Lattrell on piano; Scot Hornick on bass; Michael Bram on drums; and guests Rob Chaseman (saxes), Scott Robinson (bass sax), Conal Fowkes (piano), Mike Munisteri (guitar and banjo), and Dennis Gruenling (harmonica).

Like on his previous release, Gross starts out with a song that could be a tribute, "It's My Life Baby" was written by Don Robey and Ferdinand "Fats" Washington. Robey was owner of Duke-Peacock Records and the first to record Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown, Bobby "Blue" Bland, and Little "Junior" Parker. Gross' extended guitar solo and inspired vocal seem to say "it's my life too." Gross also covers Ike Turner's "Cubano Jump," John Willie Henry's "Inspiration Blues" (first recorded by T-Bone Walker who obviously influenced Gross' guitar style), and "Baby Won't You Please Come Home." The later song, written by Charles Warfield and Clarence Williams, is one of the most recorded songs in Jazz and the horn section of Niewood, Kellso, and Robinson really work out. Gross also gives us "Rock in My Shoe," written by Don Castagno (drummer for Debbie Davies) and Gene Casey, and of course...it rocks.

Gross has also written five great new songs, the jazzy title track "Crawling The Walls," the low down "You're Not The One," "Don't Take Too Long," "Find Yourself Another Man" with Gruenling joining in on harp, and the cinematic instrumental "It was Born in The 20s." Gross closes with another instrumental, "A Little Love, A Little Kiss" written by Leo Silesu and first featured in a 1937 movie. Gross' solo acoustic version is reminiscent of the version recorded by Django Reinhardt.

If his last Duke Robillard-produced CD didn't convince you, this new CD by Gross should firmly establish him as a talent to be reckoned with. - BluesWax

"VizzTone Has A Winner"

Vizztone has a winner in Dave Gross, guitarist, vocalist, producer, bandleader, songwriter. Only 23 years old, his third cd "Crawling The Walls" follows his 2007 release "Take The Gamble." "Take The Gamble" was a really good disc, produced by and featuring the great Duke Robillard. It was clear by the interplay between Gross and Robillard on the first song on that disc that Gross was not intimidated by the company he was keeping. I did not expect him to be this much better this soon, but "Crawling The Walls" ups the ante in every way. The first time I put it in the cd player I was thinking" this will be good," but I wasn't expecting a whole lot from it. But my jaw dropped--this disc is jumping from beginning to end! It's not "slap you in the face" obvious, but this is a deeply satisfying piece of music-making art.

The core band has Scott Hornick on bass, Michael Bram on drums, Mike Lattrell and Conal Fowkes on piano, Matt Munisteri on 2nd guitar and guitar-banjo, Rob Chaseman on alto sax, Jon-Erik Kellso on trumpet, Gerry Niewood on clarinet sax and baritone sax, and Doug Sasfai on tenor sax. Dennis Gruenling guests on harmonica on two songs. The label says everything was recorded "live" with no overdubs--all I can say it sounds really good, organically right. There are five originals and six covers--by such stellar artists as John Willie Henry, Ike Turner, the unjustifiably overlooked Don Robey and Charles Warfield. The subject matter and the tone varies widely: from a nice rock song "Rock In My Shoe" to smooth R&B in "It's My Life, Baby" and "You're Not The One" and "Find Yourself Another Man" with a couple of old fashioned 1920"s swing and jazz in "It Was Born In The 20s" and my favorite song on the disc "Baby Won't You Please Come Home?".

The varied themes and styles are all linked together by Gross's masterful guitar work and vocals. I can tell you--I've been listening to blues for over 35 years-- making music of this quality is simply not as easy as he makes it look. There are maybe a handful of acts out there who might be able to make a record this good--and none of them are 23 years old. Hopefully this guy will be making music for several more decades. I look forward to the future of the blues with Dave Gross in it. This is one of the very best cds of 2008. Everybody who reads this--go buy this disc. - Sunday Night Blues Project

"Absolutely Phenomenal"

I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Dave Gross twice now as a bandleader for his confidante and musical partner Gina Sicilia. Both times I’ve been impressed at how much knowledge this 20-something guitarist has, and at times knows more than guys twice his age. Gross first burst on the scene like a comet with his 2006 release and 2007-BMA nominated Take the Gamble. The album earned him pretty high praise and the accolades and friendship of the great Bob Margolin. That’s pretty good company to be in for just one album! Since then, Gross has criss-crossed the nation touring with various musicians and playing in various situations to critical acclaim that is not undue. This year, Gross finally got back in the studio to record his follow up, which is just absolutely phenomenal.

Mixing Twenties Jazz, Swing, New Orleans Jazz, Early Rock & Roll, and Blues; this album is a myriad of America’s great lexicon of roots music. If you are a fan of big band arrangements and sounds, this album is clearly the front runner for Album of the Year in that category, hands down. Mixing the great horn work of Gerry Niewood (saxophones, clarinet), Jon-Erik Kellso (trumpet), Doug Sasfai (tenor sax), and a few others; the album is a big band swinger, jazzer, and jumper’s oozing aural dream! Gross enlists some Little Richard/New Orleans Rock & Roll complete with horns on the fun “Rock In My Shoe.” Gross handles the early catalog Ike Turner romp “Cubano Jump” with a passion for originality and has a nice rhumba bounce on top of it. He gets up and jumps with the little-know T-Bone Walker side “Inspiration Blues.” The Jimmy Witherspoon-eque but Dave Gross penned original of “You’re Not the One” is my personal favorite. This one comes straight out of a forties jazz and blues club complete with a martini and a cigar. Niewood’s sax smolders and the muted trumpet of Kellso is Gillespie-like blues. You’ll be transported back in time to long days gone by in the popular American music, where musicianship and craftsmanship mattered.

Gross gets in with some down and gritty blues, too. With a fierce growl he tears into the 1955 Bobby Bland single “It’s My Life, Baby” and shows a flair for 50’s Chicago with the original “Find Yourself Another Man” featuring some Little Walter-like chops by cohort Dennis Gruenling on harmonica. Plus, the stinging leads of “Don’t Take Too Long” show a nod to fellow East Coasters Duke Robillard and Ronnie Earl. These are pretty big shoes I’m comparing Gross to, but after seeing him in person, you’ll understand that its not far from the truth.
Gross also single-handedly cuts some pretty nasty swaths of originality in the jazz realm on this disc, too. Copping some riffs but making them all his own, the Django Reinhardt 1937 classic “A Little Love, A Little Kiss” is intimate. Purely Gross and his guitar, this one is gypsy jazz goodness. The original composition “It Was Born In the 20’s” lives up to its name. My clear favorite is the early 20’s jazz pop standard “Baby Won’t You Please Come Home.” This one has a clear tip of the hat to New Orleans.

If you are looking for something old but new, Gross will always be your go-to guy. He has a knack for bringing to life old songs with his own sound but remaining true to the roots. His unrelenting chops will show you he has plenty of tricks up his sleeve that aren’t your typical Stevie Ray Vaughan/blues rock playbook which so many young artists fall into the trap of. His originals are a nod to the past but wholly a giftbag of his influences that all meld into what is Dave Gross and his sound. As I said, this guy is in his mid-twenties and is already leaps and bounds ahead of many in the crowd. Expect more great releases of this caliber to come. Also, you can always expect extreme craftsmanship and taste when you see Gross’ name in the line-up card in anyone’s liner notes for their CD. You’ll be seeing that a lot, as he has a handful of new releases coming up in the next 6 months in which he spreads the wealth of his talents to a bevy of other artists. - Juke Joint Soul

"Already Being Compared to the Greats of the Blues Genre"

With just his third release, entitled "Crawling The Walls," from Swingnation Records, Dave Gross is already being compared to the greats of the blues genre'. His last effort, "Take The Gamble," garnered him a 2007 Blues Award nomination for Best New Artist, and, on the heels of this release, more accolades are sure to come. By the way, fans--Dave is the ripe old age of twenty-three!!!

Sure enough, this young man is not only an accomplished guitarist, writer and singer, but he possesses a keen producer's ear as well, as is evidenced by his work on not only his own albums, but those of labelmate Gina Sicilia, too. And, he has a vast knowledge of various styles of music directly related to the blues. Check out his cha-cha workout on the instrumemtal "Cubano Jump," then the ragtimey "Baby Won't You Please Come Home," which sounds like it would be right at home down on Basin Street.

This set was recorded live in the studio, with no overdubs, and we are treated to a little bit of everything Dave has absorbed in his short time on earth. His originals, "Don't Take Too Long," and "Find Yourself Another Man" dig deep down in Chicago blues territory, the latter featuring some sweet harp from Dennis Gruenling. The title cut has a juke-joint-piano intro, before giving way to a lovelorn Dave's pleading vocal, lamenting another lonely night "Crawling The Walls." The swingin' instrumental, "It Was Born In The 20's" might be referring to the jazz from whence this tune is derived, or perhaps it is a reference to the vintage 1925 Gibson Dave uses throughout this album. Either way, it's a treat to hear!

Our favorite, tho, was another cut that Dave really wails on. "Rock In My Shoe" is an all-out rocker that motorvates along like something straight outta the gospel according to Chuck Berry!

As one can see, Dave Gross has a mean grip on several styles of music, and presents them all in his own way, always adhering to the spirit of the blues. As Bob Margolin so aptly writes in the liner notes, Dave Gross has gone beyond "promising," and can now be considered, as Muddy used to say, "one of the good 'uns!" Give a listen to "Crawling The Walls" and you'll hear another young man definitely keeping the blues alive!!! - Music City Blues

"Take a Gamble"

Dave Gross' new album on Swing Nation Records, Take The Gamble, opens with Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown's "She Walks Right In," which becomes here an homage to one of Gross' major guitar influences. On the next several tracks, the young guitarist's musical sensibilities are defined. As the author of nine of the 13 tracks included on this set, he can write his own material while still sounding true to Swing or Blues ("I forgot to leave you, baby, and now it's too late/I'm stuck here, pretty mama, with a mess on my plate").

"I'm leavin', baby, working my way back home," Gross sings while Dona Oxford's piano solo reveals her musical maturity. Gross' vocal work is outstanding. Producer and second guitarist Duke Robillard plays on only three cuts on the album, and it's difficult to tell the two guitarists apart. Awesome guitar lines augment Gross' vocal work on "I'm So Hungry Blues," one of the album's best tunes featuring Al Basile's right-on-the-money cornet and Doug "Mr. Low" James' perfect sax runs.

James' sax opens "Swingin' On All Six" as Dennis Gruenling takes one of his world-class harmonica solos. Gruenling's tone is exquisite, as is Gross' guitar solo. "Walkin' in a Daze," authored by "Hot Lips" Page, features killer riffs from Basile, James, and Gross. "That's All You Get," possibly the best track on the album, is Gross' take on Blues, complete with a biting Albert Collins-style guitar solo. Gross and company cover classics including T-Bone Walker's "I Know Your Wig Is Gone" and the Henry Creamer/Turner Layton-penned "After You've Gone." On the latter, the Duke handles the rhythm as Gross delivers his best vocal performance on the album. And although the listener might be fooled into thinking that the guitar solo is delivered by Robillard, it's actually pure Gross!

"Movin' On Down the Line," another Blues original, features Dona Oxford's inspired piano and another brilliant guitar solo from Gross. The guitar work on "Once Had A Girl" is as Country as Danny Gatton. The deep Blues of "Make Things Right" closes the album. Each tune shows another unique side of Dave Gross. This album will hold up to repeated listening; in fact, it is one of the year's best releases. Let's hope that Dave Gross will continue to carry the torch. - Blues in Britain

"Highly Recommended"

A supporting cast that includes players known for their work with Shemekia Copeland and Duke Robillard speaks to the talent of singer-guitarist Dave Gross. The young New Jerseyan covers the blues spectrum, with swinging nods to T-Bone Walker and Charlie Christian rounding out funky, contemporary blues and New Orleans sounds. Standout originals are “Mess On My Plate,” the moody “Movin’ On Down the Line,” the slow blues “Make Things Right,” and the stone country “Once Had a Girl.” Producer Robillard’s influence on Gross’ dynamics and impeccable guitar work is apparent, and Take the Gamble is highly recommended for Robillard’s fans. - Blues Revue

"You're Gonna Love This"

No shortage of press-material with this release, which is the second CD from the 21-year-old singer/guitarist Dave Gross. He is praised for his playing by Duke Robillard (who appears on this album, and in whose studio it was recorded) Hubert Sumlin, Debbie Davies and Popa Chubby! I almost felt surplus to requirements! The album’s PR says it’s “Blues & Swing”, but there is much more swing than Blues (although it is all top class stuff). 9 of the 13 tracks are originals and the playing is absolutely top notch and varied – covering everything from ‘50s doo-wop, to swing and chicken pickin’ – with some nice swamp Blues. This guy is so damned talented, it makes me sick! (Actually I am really, really jealous). In fairness, track 5 is an instrumental that was written to showcase the band, and everybody gets a chance to shine – Dave Gross is savvy enough to take not quite a back seat, but doesn’t make the mistake of hogging the limelight, when he so obviously could. If you like Bill Wyman’s Rhythm Kings, you are gonna love this! - Blues Matters!


"He forges his own advanced guitar style from INSANE PASSION to EXUISITE NUANCE. His chops are ASTONISHING."

Bob Margolin

" He is definitely A FORCE TO BE RECKONED WITH among contemporary roots and blues guitarists."

Duke Robillard

"...Dave Gross is already being COMPARED TO THE GREATS of the blues genre."

Music City Blues Society
Nashville, TN

"If his last Duke Robillard-produced CD didn't convince you, this new CD by Gross should firmly establish him as a TALENT TO BE RECKONED WITH."

Richard Ludmerer

"This guy is SO DAMNED TALENTED, it makes me sick!"

Dave Stone
Blues Matters!

"...OUTSTANDING...one of the year's best releases."

Richard Ludmerer

"He can play, man! THAT BOY CAN SMOKE!"

Hubert Sumlin


Duke Robillard

"...there are guitarists, there are great guitarists, and there are players TOO HOT TO HANDLE. For Dave Gross to ascend to that last
category at age 21 is ASTONISHING."

Sing Out! Magazine

"Gross is good, very good, EXTRAORDINARILY GOOD, almost obscenely..."

Francis Rateau
Crossroads Magazine

"This disc snuck up on me--the more I let it talk to me, the more impressive it became. Dave Gross is one helluva good guitar player and singer, but he may be an even better arranger and producer. This is a FINE, FINE RELEASE"

Sunday Night Blues Project

"...belongs at the top...HE SWINGS LIKE AN ANIMAL."

Freddy Celis

"...OUTSTANDING...one of the year's best releases."

Richard Ludmerer


Mick Rainsford
Blues in Britain Magazine

"Dave Gross will help carry, if not LEAD THE BLUES into the next five or six decades."

Peter "Blewzzman" Lauro

"His CLASSY GUITAR WORK can slide effortlessly from straight blues to swing, jazz, rockabilly, and any style you can name. If it's on the fretboard, Dave Gross will find it!!"

Don Crow
Music City Blues


La Hora del Blues

"...considerable skills as a guitarist, songwriter, and singer...DOWNRIGHT SCARY...impeccable, tasteful guitar..."

Blues Bytes

"...along with the OUTSTANDING GUITAR WORK demonstrated by Gross, his voice is smooth, snappy and oozes style."

Karen Nugent
Boston Blues Review

"When you're ready for something new, this GUITAR GOD OF TOMORROW is ready, willing and able to blow your ears wide open."

Chris Spector
Midwest Record

"Wait until you hear this guy! The CD is excellent from top to bottom...his music is far beyond his years...SIMPLY FABULOUS."

Blue Barry
Smokey Mountain Blues Society

"Take note people, there is a NEW TORCH BEARER for the 'mood' Blues sound and his name is Dave Gross."

Ray Hansen
Walla Walla Blues Society

"His vocals contain that edge of heartbreak that inhabit all good blues performances...way ahead of his contemporaries. HIS GUITAR PLAYING IS FIRST RATE..."

Mark Thompson
Crossroads Blues Society

"...Dave Gross will be carrying the torch for Mother Blues way into the future. SUPERB."

Mark Gresser
Long Island Blues Society

"Mighty fine, mighty fine indeed...THE BLUES IS IN GOOD HANDS..."

KVRX Radio

"I believe this boy has TRADED HIS SOUL TO THE DEVIL to play like that!"

Keith Mulhare
WFDU Radio

The Byrd of Paradise
KZSU Radio

"...marvelous CD...DON'T MISS THIS."

Nick Delay
WVKR Radio

"When I heard Dave my ears stood up and I thought 'man this kid can play!' LOOK OUT FOR DAVE GROSS."

Popa Chubby

"It's so REFRESHING to discover Dave Gross. Here is a young man who is digging deep into the blues, studying all of the masters, and yet simultaneously committed to finding his own voice as an artist."

Debbie Davies

"Every time I hear Dave Gross play he gets better and better! I only wish I played that good when I was his age. He's PRETTY AMAZING."

Arthur Neilson

"Those of us present at this naissance can only wait and see where his guitar---and his heart---will take him next."

Blues Who New York - Various Sources


"You Don't Love Me" - Independent (2004)

"Take the Gamble" - SwingNation Records/VizzTone Label Group (2006/2007)

"Crawling the Walls" - SwingNation Records/ VizzTone Label Group (2008)



2007 Blues Music Awards Nominee for "Best New Artist Debut" and 2009 Blues Blast Music Awards nominee (Sean Costello Rising Star Award) - At only 26, guitarist, singer, songwriter and producer Dave Gross is an artist reminiscent of some of the finest and most respected musicians in the history of roots music. His awe-inspiring talents bring to mind those of legendary, time-honored musicians.
Dave is a multi-instrumentalist and true creative and innovative force within the music world, whose deep-seated passion and respect for the original blues and jazz masters bring new life to the music scene and prove him to be an absolute standout among his peers.
With musical roots that branch out in seemingly countless directions, Dave's talent has been described as being "so amazing, it's scary." He is a world-class guitarist who moves with a natural and seamless ease from Chicago blues to West coast swing to traditional jazz and beyond. These confluences of styles are performed by this young master with complete and irrefutable reverence for those who came before him, yet all the while sustain a fresh appeal.
Dave's ever-evolving voice is rich, powerful and expressive, while still remaining completely honest and soulful. As a songwriter, Dave's intriguing melodies surround mature, heartfelt lyrics that belie his age and are decorated with beauty and taste by his creative and innovative guitar playing.
As a performer, and always a tough act to follow, Dave has an electrifying presence and infectious personality that continues to garner an increasing fan base for this young veteran. Dave's audiences never cease to be spellbound and amazed by his mind-boggling virtuosity. Critics and fans alike agree that this inventive, almost scarily-talented 26 year-old could legitimately be one of the top players in the country.
Despite his age, Dave has already shared stages or recorded with such renowned blues and jazz artists as Hubert Sumlin, Duke Robillard, Bob Margolin, Nappy Brown, Les Paul, Roomful of Blues, Little Charlie & the Nightcats, Popa Chubby, The Tommy Castro Band, Ronnie Baker Brooks, Debbie Davies, Bettye LaVette, Mark Hummel, David Maxwell, Nick Moss, Mike Zito, Junior Watson, Sax Gordon, Arthur Neilson, Monster Mike Welch, Willie Kent, Jason Ricci, Mookie Brill, Scott Robinson, John-Erik Kelso, Matt Munisteri, Dona Oxford, Big Ed Sullivan, Dennis Gruenling, Doug James, Jimi Bott, Bill Stuve, Christine Santelli, Dan Block, Stephene Wrembel, Evan Christopher, Nick Parrott, among many other notable artisits.
In between his rigorous touring schedule, Dave is a respected producer and arranger who stays busy in the studio producing other artists of various styles.