Dave Haack Band

Dave Haack Band

 Sydney, New South Wales, AUS

Nick Cave harrasses the Smashing Pumpkins at a Cure concert opened by Silverchair. Rock, big on atmosphere and melody.


Dave Haack Band was born in 2010 in Sydney’s Inner-West.

The Band began as a collaboration between long-time friends: Dave Haack (guitar, vocals, songwriting), Dane Connor (drums), Stu Horsfield (bass), and the infamously enigmatic Enzo Lunch (guitar).

The debut mini-LP “Volume 1” consists of 7 highly-charged tracks, at the core of which is a desire to add a spontaneous musical energy to Dave’s pre-written songs. The band has a unique tendency to continuously evolve the songs live and in the studio – or maybe it’s just short attention spans all round. Either way, the results are exciting and unpredictable. Such is the case with “Volume 1”, as more tightly structured rock n roll tracks such as opener “Through” and the propulsive, driving “Forget You”, are contrasted with more progressive, improvised moments in “Lagoon” and “She”. It is an unspoken musical understanding due to the many, many hours the band’s various members have played together at different times throughout the years, that allows for these songs to maintain a tightness and certainty . It’s like they have ESPN or something.

Despite all of this, there is a consistency to the sound. Enzo’s guitar remains clean and provides the atmospherics and ethereal qualities. Dave and Dane both have an affinity for rocking your pants off in one way or another, with a love for the Smashing Pumpkins et al. Stu provides the grounding presence of a solid, yet melodic bass approach. Recent gigs include a number of shows at the Annandale and Oxford Art Factory.

Stu is currently being replaced by Reece Connor on bass, who is a welcome addition to the sonic mixing pot of DHB. With a background of performing in bands ranging from grindcore to acoustic, it is another unique personality and approach which helps to shape the sound of the band.

All in all it’s a promising start. It’s even better live, for sure.


Forget You

Written By: Dave Haack

Too late
Can't see
Can't see anyone around

I try
I try to erase my memory

Too late
For you
Are now inside my heart

I can
Hear your
Ringing through my blood

© D. Haack '05


Written By: Dave Haack

Life runs out today
Without you
I'm feeling OK - together
All this is away
And a vision
Don't be caught alone

LIfe runs out today
Without you
I wanted so bad to remember
All you couldn't say
Is upon me
Inevitable and draining

So I crawl through the memories
Try to backflip around
To come out
Running from erasing thoughts
To think this was all

© D. Haack '05


Written By: Dave Haack

She came upon a starry night
Trees of water - tears of light
Heaven fell from it's great height
She came upon a starry night

She left upon a golden day
The solid ground just up and flew away
A loneliness no god could save
She left upon a golden day

© D. Haack '09

Cold Water

Written By: Dave Haack

The coldest water sleep
Drowned in apology
Rising on the waves
Past their hungry eyes
I look to the skies
And know where we are
For the very first time

The oldest water grave
Marks a lonely brave
Someone I used to know
The last thing to go
When I know who you are
For the very last time
And I see to the stars
Someday we'll make our home
And the dust from the moon
And the sailboats and cars
WIll make our mistakes for us

© D. Haack '09

The Last Time I Saw You

Written By: Dave Haack

The last time I saw you
It rained stars from the sky
The same divided colours
Result in lies to set you free
To set me free

The last time I met you
There was no fear in your eyes
No stains of guilt to decide
Where we stood or if you should

The first time I cross'd you
It rained fire in the sky
Angels fell from high
Push came to shove came to bleed

The last time I knew you
A wind of cold-hearted change
Threw me to the floor
And held me once more
Out of your way

© D. Haack '09


Volume 1 (7 track mini-LP)