Dave Hardin Band

Dave Hardin Band

 Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA

Ranging from gritty Americana to heartbreaking ballads, the band has a unique sound that can rock the house with only a guitar, accordion and bass. Lots of twang for the buck!


Born into a family of outlaws and songsmiths, Hardin's music grabs you from the first note and captures you in the richness of the real life scenario underneath it.

Growing up between the Ohio River Basin of Warsaw, Kentucky and the Appalachian Foothills of Union, Ohio taught Dave about both the hardships and triumphs of life. He learned about diverse styles that still come through in his music today. Hill music, country, bluegrass, twang, flat-top pickin - the real roots of American music, now called Americana, surrounded him in his early days. Growing up in the age of great rock roll that blasted from the radio filled out his musical tastes and style.

Going straight into the Navy out of high school and touring the world filled this natural story teller with a spectrum of life lessons. Every time he was home from being at sea, his guitar was by his side. Bus stations, bars and street corners became his stage to tell the stories of the life he'd seen.

After leaving the Navy, Dave took to the work-a-day life and music took a back seat to being a husband and father. As that chapter began to wind down, music came calling again. This time in the form of Dave writing songs of life lived and more importantly, life observed. His natural story-teller came through stronger than ever, and you can hear these true life tales in most all of Daves songs. Not one to just make up a lyric, most of his songs come from life observed, or true tales of a man that has lived all over this great country of ours.

Sometimes fueled by real emotion, or a glimpse of everyday events, but always looking for how the story might continue, or sometimes sadly end, his songs are a slice of real life. His voice is instantly recognizable; it gets in your bones and makes you feel part of the story, part of the song. His style of playing is full and rich, notes, chords and percussion all from his guitar.

Dave Hardin is one of those rare talents that comes along and captures you as a fan for life, and sometimes you swear the songs are from your life. They just might be.

In 2012, Dave signed a new record deal with Ride Records, a label started by recording artist Steve Azar.


2012 Miles of Nowhere Ride Records
2005 Call it love/Panda Sessions
2000 Nine Years Alone
1997 American
1994 Lessons/ Unavailable