Dave Howard

Dave Howard


San Diego's patron saint of singer/songwriters" - Jeff Berkley (Berkley Hart)


Dave Howard is San Diego's most-covered songwriter. Respected and lauded by audiences and contemporaries on the indie music scene, Dave is an artist who defies labels while blending elements of rock, folk and blues into his well-crafted songs; Dave co-wrote the title cut and lead-off single from Berkley Hart’s CD “Something To Fall Back On” (PSB Records) and has two other cuts by Berkley Hart; “My, My, My” and “Helluva Highway” which was also cut by Jeff Clark. He also has two co-writes (one single) on A.J. Croce's album, "Transit" (Omtown) and three collaborations on Croce's fifth solo release "Adrian James Croce" (Seedling)
Howard is recognized as San Diego's most-covered local songwriter with covers by The Coyote Problem, Gregory Page, Berkley Hart, Jeff Clark, Dani Carroll, John Katchur, Carlos Olmeda, Melissa McCracken, Ray Brandes and Sven-Erik Seaholm, whose CD “Upload” (Pseudocool) contains a raucous rendition of Dave’s song “Modern Times”


Life Begins At Zero

Written By: Dave Howard

There’s an uncomfortable silence, and I don’t know what to say. Don’t know if I’m slippin’ or if you’re pushing me away. I don’t want to lose you, but I don’t know where I stand. Feel like I’m falling fast and there’s no place to land. Life begins at zero. When you’re down to nothing you’ve got nothing to lose. Life begins at zero, zero . There’s a fork in the road, and you have to choose. You’re distracted by something. I’ve been watching your eyes. And you flash me a smile, but it’s just a disguise. Well my head keeps talking and it isn’t my friend. It says for every new beginning something has to end. I know my days are numbered. and you’re dragging it on. What you must do, do quickly. I’ll get along

Answer The Door

Written By: Dave Howard

You say it’s hard to know when love is real. I say I know exactly how you feel. What works for me is simple as a song. It’ll all make sense to you before too long. If your feet don’t hardly touch the ground. If you feel your heart start to pound. If you hear a strange knocking sound. Answer the door - it’s love. It doesn’t matter if you’re rich or poor. Or if you know just what you’re looking for. I believe that old cliché is true. When you stop searching, love will come to you. Love, when it finds you, you will know. You will feel it start to grow. Until the signs begin to show. Oh...

Fifty Foot Woman

Written By: Dave Howard

I need a fifty foot woman. I’ve had nothing but trouble. since I saw the light. and I need some attention. to set myself right. Some big loving arms. to wrap myself in. To make it in this world. you’ve got to have a friend And I need a fifty foot woman I know a guy. just got into town. He’s got a lady that takes him all around. Give him everything he need. and you know she keeps him warm. and you know she’s big enough. he won’t come to any harm Now I need a fifty foot woman Someone who knows instinctively what to do. Someone that I can grow to tell my troubles to. When things are up in the air I would like to see. an unconditional love towering over me I need a fifty foot woman. to help me stand tall. ‘cause frankly, sometimes. I have no patience at all. I need a fifty foot woman. to answer my door. and if you wanna talk to me. she’s gonna ask you what for And I need a fifty foot woman



Dave Howard
Into The Wind
Expunged/Pseudocool Records
(PSDO 8048)

Dave Howard
Unbelievable Unknown
Hidden Agenda Records
(HCD 91032)

Dave Howard
Liar: rarities, live tracks and demos, 1992-2000
mp3.com D.A.M. CD
(mp3.com 90015)

Dave Howard Band
Live E.P.
Hidden Agenda Records
(HCD 91038)

Album Cuts:
The Coyote Problem
Long Road Records
(You're So Damn Pretty)

A.J. Croce
Adrian James Croce
Seedling Records
(Upside Down, Too Soon, Almost Angeline)

Sven-Erik Seaholm
Pseudocool Records
(PSDO 8046)
(Modern Times)

A.J. Croce
Omtown/Higher Octave Records
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(Summer Can't Come Too Soon, Everyman)

Berkley Hart
Wreck 'n' Sow
Stoneground Records
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(Helluva Highway)

Berkley Hart
Something To Fall Back On
PSB Records
(PSB 0012)
(Something To Fall Back On, My My My)

Gregory Page
Music For Mortals
Bedpan Recordings
(XLP 003)
(Rain And The Thunder)

John Katchur
Friend Of The Moon
My Bedroom Records
(MBR 0507)
(Into The Wind, Pieces Of Me)

Jeff Clark
Nashville, CA
Down Low Records
(Helluva Highway)

Dani Carroll
Dani Carroll
Smoky Highway Records
(Rainy Morning, The Yellow Line)


Various Artists
Pseudocool Records
(PSDO 8012)
(Darkness, The Music Man)

Various Artists
(SLAMM 006)
(The Silver Moon Motel)

The 10th Annual San Diego Music Awards Compilation CD
Various Artisits
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(Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven)

Life After Debt:
The Save Mikey's Project
Various Artists
Betterworld Records
(BR 1002)
(Helluva Highway)

Enough Talk
11 San Diego Instrumental Acoustic Guitarists
Rhythmicon Records
(Rhythmicon 002)
(Midnight Wednesday)

Sven-Erik Seaholm
Pseudocool Records
(PSDO 8046)
(Modern Times)

Set List

Typical sets range 45 minutes. Shows as long as 3 - 4 sets each when approporiate.

Songs are all originals with occasional covers of other San Diego writers, as well as Bruce Cockburn, Elvis Costello, Steve Earle, Bob Dylan or Peter Gabriel.

Most recent set list:
1. Annie (Howard)
2. The Yellow Line (Howard - Carroll)
3. Pieces Of Me (Howard)
4. While You Were Making Up Your Mind (Howard)
5. Into The Wind (Howard)
6. Make My Dreams Come True Tonight (Howard)
7. Something To Fall Back On (Howard - Hart)
8. Someday Love (Howard)
9. Life Begins At Zero (Howard)
10. Almost Angeline (Howard - Croce)
11. You Belong To Me Tonight (Howard)
12. Sometimes It’s Hard To Fly (Howard)
13. Gliding Bird (Drennen)
14. Does He Know He’s A Fool (Howard)
15. Answer The Door (Howard)
16. Let It Ride (Howard - Croce)