Dave Jacobs & The Prodigal Sons
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Dave Jacobs & The Prodigal Sons

London, England, United Kingdom

London, England, United Kingdom
Band Rock Acoustic


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Lucas Campbell – Presenter ‘The Rock of Ages’ radio show"

“An engaging and very listenable refreshing musical contrast within these two tracks by Dave Jacobs & The Prodigal Sons who are certainly offering great commercial crossover potential within their musical repertoire. 'Walkabout' is a hard driven blues riff with great instrumental dynamics and hypnotic vocal lines searing into your subconsciousness leaving you wanting just another play. ‘Break Me Down’ is a unusual song which has overtones of John Hiatt in structure and stylisation.
“I would choose this one as being the most chartworthy song because of its commercial appeal to record buyers, the lead vocal lines are distinctive and memorable. These guys are obviously superior quality songwriters and performers and have impressed me with their tracks. We have long awaited 'The Return of The Prodigal Son', musically, that now may be possible with Dave Jacobs & The Prodigal Sons.”
- Lucas Campbell

"Organiser of the 2008 Emergenza Festival in which the band made the semi-finals."

“Ok, I said rock but did you know that London has some of the finest acoustic pop bands in the world? Here’s proof, Dave Jacobs and the Prodigal Sons started beautifully by displaying a talent for song writing. Gorgeous tunes with great lyrics.
“The drummer, an Italian import, made everything look so effortless. Truly amazing. Probably the best drummer I have seen in this competition
- ‘Rock Maestro’

"Music Lawyer California - quote"

Dave was born to a couple that was shipwrecked on a deserted island. They made guitars out of coconut shells. He learned to sing by calling to the whales. He started to surf when he was still learning to walk. Now he has a rock band.
- Sue Basko - Music Lawyer California

"Jazz Cafe Show Review"

''Dave Jacobs and the Prodigal Sons Play The Jazz Cafe
With a cool, laid back tribute to Michael Jackson's Billie Jean, Dave Jacobs and his Prodigal Sons (Eddy Riches, Alex McConnell and Vincenzo Infusino) set the mood for a simultaneously chilled but energetic night at London's famous Jazz Cafe. The guys certainly seemed to be having fun on stage. With a mix of Aussie's and European band members, they seem to have a real easygoing nature about them, which is clearly reflected in their music. Jacobs – a thoroughly nice and obviously hard-working front man - admits that in terms of song-writing, he's still finding his feet; at the moment you could file the Prodigal Sons under “upbeat beach music”, but where the band come into their own (and when they distinguish themselves from a certain Hawaiian beach music superstar) is when they embrace their inner rock gods. When Jacobs and co. crank the energy up to 11, you really feel it – and maybe because there is that mix of chill and rock that you appreciate the gear shift that much more. It's not that these guys change from Jack Johnson to Megadeath, more like Jack Johnson to Jack Johnson-who-lived next door-to-the-Stones. It certainly got the crowd going, and in my very British reserved nature, even got me moving my body in a rhythmic fashion. We're in an age where chillout beach music rules the masses. You could easily rock up to a beach or barbeque and let these guys play the whole night, but if the Sons can fine tune their direction to find a more unique sound that was hinted at at the Jazz Cafe, they're on to a real winner, and more money to them I say''.

- 'Sukhraj Singh' Entertainment Journalist


BFBS Radio UK(16 countries)
Northshore Radio FM (Germany)



Upon moving to London, Australian born Dave discovered a passion for songwriting. Performing solo gigs at showcases & open mic nights for a while Dave took the plunge in putting together a band, believing the sounds generated by the additional instruments would enhance the music he was trying to create. Advertising worldwide, the talents of the Prodigal Sons as individual artists were brought to Dave's Attention & the band was formed in January 2008. Hailing from various backgrounds, geographically & musically, each brings his own unique touch to the group, creating an original & eclectic mix of sounds. UK born, 'Eddy Riches' on guitar, Italian 'Vincenzo Infusino' on drums, & fellow Aussie 'Alexx McConnell' on bass are the musical geniuses behind the lyrical brilliance of Dave Jacobs.