Dave Johnson

Dave Johnson


Dave's music has unique sounds that borrow from jazz, folk, rock, reggae, and even classical music. His largest influences range from Percy Hill, Ben Harper, and Phish, to Cat Stevens, Nick Drake, and the Beatles.


Performing solo or with the trio, Dave's venue's stretch from coffee houses to pubs, festivals to the subway, and everything in between. Through his shows, he strives to give his audience a sense of who he is, and why he makes the music that he does. With a sound that varies from mellow acoustic compositions and groovy reggae melodies to electric funk and old and new covers, one can always expect to experience the jam-oriented philosophy that the band holds towards its art.

A home-grown artist from Central New England, Dave Johnson has been performing live since early 2001. This early stage brought in the percussive and vocal insight of Tim Scott. The duo covered much of New England in the few years that followed, finally welcoming Joe Renzoni on various instruments to round out the group in mid-2004. As a veteran of the Massachusetts music scene, Joe has brought a seasoned and exotic vibe to the trio’s sound, matched against the laid-back groove that has become the staple of the Dave Johnson sound.

In early 2007, Dave will be independently releasing his first full-length album entitled Mordecai. An album in the true sense of the word, the project walks the path of self-discovery, boasting a range of subject-matter nearly as diverse as it’s eclectic arrangements. Mordecai brings together several years of life and songwriting and offers the listener a context for everyday life.


livefromthere - Live Release - Early 2004
Village Clown EP - April, 2006
Mordecai LP - Early 2007

Set List

Generally, Dave performs original compositions and certainly has enough material to fill nearly any time bracket. This is true when performing solo or with the band.

If the need or opportunity arises however, during solo shows Dave carries a fairly extensive repertoire of covers as well. Varying from classic standards by artists such as The Beatles and Bob Dylan to newer hits by the likes of Pearl Jam and the Dave Matthews Band, these covers are never performed the same way twice and always remain true to the "Dave Johnson" vibe and feel.