(***)_DAVE JOHNSON_(***)

(***)_DAVE JOHNSON_(***)

 Quincy, Massachusetts, USA

"When all else fails... Do It Yourself!" All the sounds, emotions and melodies are in my head. This is Rock music with a purpose. Compelling and melodic music, lyrics from the soul and catchy pop vocal hooks that will never leave you.


Dave Johnson was born in southern New Jersey on the shore and comes from a family of musicians and music lovers. "I bought my first guitar at age twelve and have been pretty much self taught through the years. My Dad and Brother both play guitar as well and they definitely inspired me along the way." Early on, Dave was exposed to heavy bands such as Metallica and Megadeth to name a few and began to chug on power chords. His brother Steve then turned him onto guitar shredders of the day like Vinnie Moore and Tony MacAlpine. "Steve got me going with scales and modes and that got me into lead guitar." Since then Dave's influences range from Progressive Metal bands like Dream Theater to Jeff Buckley and Chris Cornell. And finally one day, Dave discovered the greatest guitar player ever... Jimi Hendrix. "Most people grew up listening to Jimi, whereas I got into him later on along with Stevie Ray Vaughn and other blues greats. I totally got into that whole bluesy/rock vibe from the 60's and 70's. That era had some of the coolest guitar tones."

Today, Dave's music encompasses all of those influences and many others, but adding a style and sound that is uniquely his own. Dave is still searching for the right group of musicians who will help him take his music to the live scene and show people what originality is all about. It's Rock, Blues and Pop and it's real.


One Way

Written By: Dave Johnson


You don't know how I've been feelin'
for all this time
I just can't seem to get it goin'
Don't think that I don't try
OK, well maybe not hard enough
I take a step and get pushed back it's crazy.... Yeah


So I’ll see you on the other side
No turnin' back... No turnin' back
I can't tell if it's right
So let me see if they're ready for me


You gotta one way ticket goin’ far away
I got this feelin' that I can't be here
and I can't hang on
There's too much bleeding

2nd Verse

Sometimes I like to float my mind, so high in the sky
It's too bad you gotta come back down
But one day, the wings that I'll have on my back
will take me higher
I don't think I'm ever coming back... Yeah

Repeat Bridge
Repeat Chorus

You gotta one way ticket gotta get away
I know there's something that I don't like here
and I can't keep hangin' on
'cause I'm still bleeding

Breakdown Bridge

So I'll see you on the other side
I hope you know that I ain’t comin’ back
I can't tell if it's right
I think I see that they're ready for me

Repeat Chorus

You gotta one way ticket gotta get away
I know there's something that I don't like here
and I'm not gonna keep hangin' on
'cause I'm done bleeding