Dave Kaz

Dave Kaz


My name is Dave Kaz and I am a solo acoustic artist. I'm 19 years old and live in the suburbs of Chicago. I've been playing guitar since I was 12, and I have been recording since I was 14. I have grown up around music, and will continue doing music for a long time.


Dave Kaz was born in Atlanta, Georgia on August 24, 1986. When he was still a baby, he and his mother moved to Chicago (her home town).
When Dave was 8 years old, his parents bought him his first guitar. He took lessons for about three months, but gave it up.
Dave was a popular athlete in his neighborhood, and played many sports for years, but there were a few injuries that ended his sports life and led him to play guitar again. Dave still plays sports such as basketball and golf, but sports are just fun for him. Music is his life.
When he was 14 years old, he bought his first four-track to record on. Dave recorded many little songs and riffs, but never made anything out of them. Shortly after his four-track, he bought software for a computer studio. His computer was in his bedroom, so his room became his studio. Throughout high school, he recorded many demos on his computer. All but two songs on the album, “This Just In,” were recorded in his room, and released as a demo.
Dave was in many high school bands, but none of them seemed to work. He tried to get an acoustic duo going with his friend Dan, but that soon ended after a four-song demo CD they released. After that, Dave Kaz knew it was time to go solo. With the help of his mother and by saving a lot of money, he was able to record his first album, “This Just In.”
Dave Kaz currently lives in the suburbs of Chicago with his mother Jane and stepfather Kurt (a locally recognized musician from the Kaiser Brothers Band and Squirt).


"This Just In" is an album that was released February 10th and is sold online at www.cdbaby.com/cd/davekaz. It is also in the Tower Records stores in Illinois.

Set List

My set list constists of 5-8 songs from my album, a few other unreleased songs that I have written, as well as a few covers from bands like; Elvis Presley, Black Crows, John Mayer, Jack Johnson, Eric Clapton, and more.